Testing Bid Bot in Python

in #test3 years ago (edited)

I'm testing a Bid Bot in TestNet mode. Can any charitable soul make a transfer of 0.01 SBD to @newtechblog with Memo from his last Post? I will return it.

The first to make the transfer please put a post to avoid making me suddenly millionaire.

Thank you!

PD: next vote in 2 days ? OMG


You got a 27.50% upvote from @booster courtesy of @newtechblog!


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Defended (93.75%)
Summoned by @newtechblog
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Dear friends (@runningproject @run.vince.run @plantstoplanks @primersion) and all of you that no have "autos":

I have noticed your "auto vote" and I would like to reward you by showing the curation table ... I will follow this same level of votes so if you want more curation you know you have the opportunity ... thanks again. A good listener, few words are enough...

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