thanks man, updated the post as I didn't think it was going to work!!!!

It is so strange. 10 mins ago, I could not reply to your last comment. And I tried again to post . Noting. the same message. Then, I have changed the tag from what I wanted: technology space . Noting.
Then I have deleted everything, cleared cache, deleted the post title, content, tag, rebooted the laptop and I managed to write a post. I have put the letter "a" in title, blog post and tag. It worked. I have then tried to edit that post and write my post. Noting.
Then, without deleting the post, I have changed the tag to introduceyourself and it worked.
So this is what I was trying to post for the last 3 hours:

ah annoying! this is pretty annoying and might turn away new users....

i did the same as you, but it is not working. cleared the cache, etc

strange, I can reply, but cannot post. any ideas?

Hi mate, sorry you're having the same problem.

i didn't mean clear the cache; I meant that you should clear the text area where you submit a story. clear all the text out of all the text boxes, subject tags and body. then refresh the page and rewrite your story again. If you have a long one (story, lol) then copy and paste it into a text file before you delete it all.

you should be able to post then. is this what you tried?

it doesn't work ( already tried 100 times ((
can not understand what is the problem