Posting Authority Missing

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Hi All,

this message was originally a test but this was because I have been having the same very annoying problem for about 3 weeks now.

The issue was that i was unable to create a post; I was getting an error stating: Posting Authority Missing [username]

I had been asking in the Slack and DM'ing people, basically being really annoying but i wasn't able to get an answer so i went searching in Steemit!

I had made a few replies in a few places stating my problem and just a couple of hours ago i got a response from my new favourite person @ace108

If you are getting this problem all you have to do is:

delete everything out of the posting box (paste it somewhere if you have written a long post) refresh the page and paste everything back in and try again!!!!!!!

I LITERALLY wanted to cry as I have been trying for SO LONG to get this working but all rewards go to @ace108, CHEERS DUDE!!!!!!!!


I'm struggling with this problem today and haven't been able to resolve it even using your technique above. It's so frustrating!

delete everything out the boxes close the browser and try again. or try in incognito or private mode, whatever your browser calls it. let us know how it goes

It's crazy, because I have posted successfully three times now, but when I go back and try to make the post I'd originally had the problem with? It happens again. I'm taking it as a sign that the Steemit gods don't want me to make that particular post. LOL

have you saved a post in another document? try putting it into text pad or saving it as plain text before pasting it back.

Will try this again today. :)

any luck trying again? for some reason i can't reply to your comment just above?

have you had the same problem?

Im continuously down voted, as soon as I have made a blog, post etc. I have just submitted a post asking for advice.............

Good evening, all. I'm still having major issues. It's been a couple of days since I've been able to post and the "missing post authority" happened out of nowhere. After some investigation, it appears that my "active" key in my "permissions" folder will not stay logged in (even after continually trying). I'm guessing that's the issue here. I've tried the above method multiple times and it's not working--I've tried using a different browser, as well. Same result. I've really enjoyed this platform and it kind of defeats the purpose if I'm unable to contribute content. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Hi mate, really sorry to hear you are having this problem too.

i don't really have anything else to add - the method i used above worked for me and i haven't had the issue since... I don't really post a lot so maybe i don't notice but I would suggest popping into the rocket chat for steem i think there is a help channel..
you can get rocket chat from here and the steemit chat is here
Good luck and if you find a fix please let me know.

Weird... I've posted many times before but this problem came up today. Used the technique above, tried relogging in, but still has that error lol

I have the same problem and I can not fix it.
Did you find a solution for it?

Hey, it was a while ago, but I believe it was due to an invalid character in the post. I usually type on OneNote then copy and paste to Steemit to post so there were some characters that didn't register on Steemit? Once I deleted them from my post, I think it worked.

Hope this helps :)

Thank you!! This was really helpful!

welcometo steem world,
good try ;)

thanks man, updated the post as I didn't think it was going to work!!!!

It is so strange. 10 mins ago, I could not reply to your last comment. And I tried again to post . Noting. the same message. Then, I have changed the tag from what I wanted: technology space . Noting.
Then I have deleted everything, cleared cache, deleted the post title, content, tag, rebooted the laptop and I managed to write a post. I have put the letter "a" in title, blog post and tag. It worked. I have then tried to edit that post and write my post. Noting.
Then, without deleting the post, I have changed the tag to introduceyourself and it worked.
So this is what I was trying to post for the last 3 hours:

ah annoying! this is pretty annoying and might turn away new users....

i did the same as you, but it is not working. cleared the cache, etc

strange, I can reply, but cannot post. any ideas?

Hi mate, sorry you're having the same problem.

i didn't mean clear the cache; I meant that you should clear the text area where you submit a story. clear all the text out of all the text boxes, subject tags and body. then refresh the page and rewrite your story again. If you have a long one (story, lol) then copy and paste it into a text file before you delete it all.

you should be able to post then. is this what you tried?

it doesn't work ( already tried 100 times ((
can not understand what is the problem

hey I want to Re-Steem this but it won't let me... could it be related? :thinking:

this just happened to me after an hour of putting an article togethor im am annoyed plus i got a chhetah bot that upvoted on my account is this related? Its bad enough i dont get many views and upvotes as it is now this?? I tried your solution still not working

What a cluster fuck, I have read through everyone's nightmare here and no better off, same issue same cluster fuck lovely, so much for Dtube. I started a Steem and Youtube same day. Maybe I'll stick with Youtube..mmmmmmmm

i got this error trying to use a promotion bot, sending my link.