The Pied Piper and the Stallion (Meeting Notes)

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---- PiedPiperCoin Meeting Notes ----

May 19th, 2018

The Pied Piper and the Stallion met to discuss the first draft of the $PPI one pager.


The Stallion complimented the Pied Piper on his amazing looks.

The Pied Piper acknowledges what is already known and insists they continue on with the meeting.

---Bathroom Break of Approx. 5 minutes---

One Pager Notes:

Finale deadline for completion is Friday evening. Scheduled public release is on Sunday evening, 8pm EST.

Attained graphic designer to help make it look as pretty as Jared on a good day.

Coin business plan is established, additional full stack developer will need to be added to the team. We will refer to this individual "Dinesh"
Application here -->

---------- Sushi Break of Approx. 30 minutes ----------

Coin breakdown established:

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Circulating: 3,645,101 (36.45% of Supply)

Locked up: 5,354,899 (53.55% of Supply)

Premine/Foundation Account: 1,000,000 (10% of Supply, not included in circulating supply)

Main Dev/Owner Wallet: 450,000 (4.5%, this is included in circulating supply)

Bounty Wallet: 15,000 (0.15%, this is included in circulating supply)

Premine & Owners wallet will be vested (i.e. locked up). Lock up periods are still in discussion. The Pied Piper screams something about not getting a Tesla and Palapa now. Ignore him.

Owner will be able to trade up to .01% (4,500) coins in May. Transactions must be posted publicly.

1,000,000 coins moved to Premine/Foundation Account today:

------- Coffee Break of Approx. 10 minutes -------

First public appearance:

The Pied Piper's first public appearance has been planned accordingly, no notice shall be give to where or when he may show up.

The Pied Piper and the Stallion set up ENS PiedPiperCoin.Eth to make it easier to link to $PPI smart contract

------ Praying to Satan Approx. 6.66 minutes ------

The Pied Piper and the Stallion wish each other well in the battle to come.

#TeslaTime #PalapaPlease

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The idea has been floated to call it the black paper. I, for one, am for that idea.

how about brown paper, maybe even tp

Terrific! Looking forward to the white papet. Much interest in the POW or POS discussions. I want all the coins!! Will be setting up my Box 3 to make maximum profit. Those who dont like it can Kiss My Piss!

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Need to know more about Jian Yaing’s involvement. Glad to see Dinesh on board. Wondering how much $PPI set aside to pay COPPA fines?

when and where dev team will be listed?