The biggest Tesla news today for me

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Tesla released their numbers for Q3 and the stock popped 20%.

Everyone is talking about the profit and great financial numbers. And they are great.

However the biggest news for me today was something Elon said when asked about FSD (Full Self Driving). Something that was not part of the regular agenda.


FSD feature complete by EOY

Elon re-iterated that FSD feature complete should still roll out in pre-release by the end of the year.

This means a version should roll out where people can have their car drive them from their house to work, with basically no intervention but constant supervision by the driver. Though many interventions are still going to be likely.

That would be my biggest X-mas present for sure.

As someone that owns a Model 3 this is stunning. The car right now can barely drive straight on a normal road. As soon as markings are gone there is an issue. Mergings of lanes are an issue.

Going from where we are to FSD seems a huge leap to me tbh. While I see the car getting better with every update we are still very very far away from the car being able to handle the roads on their own.

That said, this is going to be the most value added feature I can imagine. This will be the feature if it is out that forces people to buy the car.

So from an Investor in the stock, this was the most bullish I heard today.

Yes financials are important and growth is important. But getting FSD to work is really what would make a Tesla infinitely superior to other cars.

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Huh, the way you hear it in marketing and news... The autopilot doesn't sound as limited as you say. Full self driving by year end? Sounds pretty damn ambitious.... But possibly a limited form? Like on certain types of roads and conditions?

No he said from home to work.

So that would be quite amazing.

The thing is the autopilot is by far the best thing on the market. Nobody comes close. I use it 99% of the time when i drive. But i probably have to intervene 10-20 times. Many roads don't have markings and then the car has issue, also across intersection that are large and lack markings as a result. Very curvy roads are also an issue (car does not slow down when it has to).

All that said the car is so much better than what all the other car makers have and it improves every two weeks. And that's not an exaggeration. Other cars improve every 3-8 years and never after purchase.

So Teslas approach just destroys what all the others are doing. But all that said, the car seems still very stupid compared to what is required for full self driving. That said I can't wait for the next update.

We will see.

I was listening to a podcast, where the continued pinging of the driver isn't really quite ideal as the driver tends not to be ready to react properly (even if they have the hands at the wheel....). So, it sounds like full auto would be pretty damn amazing!

Did you try that recent parking and pickup update that's been in the news?

Sounds realy nice with the fsd Feature to bad i will not be able to buy a tesla but realy nice .
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Du fährst ja so ein Ding. Da würde mich interessieren, was es zum Autonomen Fahren braucht. GPS? Internet? Ich bin letztens wieder durch die Eifel gefahre und mein Handy hat nur rumgespackt, weil es weder netz nich gps abrufen könnte. An so einem Ort würde es mir schwerfallen auf das automatische Fahren zu vertrauen.

Trotzdem bin ich kein Gegner, sondern ein Fan davon. Nur im Internetschwellenland Deutschland hege ich arge Befürchtungen, dass das nichts wird.

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i sold my holding aftermarket yesterday

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