Mercedes...Germans don’t get it

in tesla •  15 days ago

I just read this German article about car sales in the US.

It states that Mercedes is selling less cars while Volkswagen actually sold more.


way to state the obvious

The article states all kinds of car sales figures but one name that actually matters is missing: Tesla.

Not one word.

The reason why Mercedes is hurting is simple:

Tesla has been dominating the market. Tesla sells more cars than all the premium car makes combined. Practically from 0 cars to dominating and killing the market within a few months.

The German car makers are simply fucked and have no way to compete.

this has been obvious

The Germans are completely ignoring Tesla. If you looked at the market gears ago it has been obvious with car sales figures in the higher segments. Model S has dominated just as well.

But now with the smaller cheaper cars it actually hurts.

But the Germans never mention this. The German press ignores it as much as the Car makers themselves.

If they do not really quickly re-invent what it means to make and sell cars, the German car makers and with it much of Germanies industry.

not saturated but disrupted

The article states the market is “saturated”. But it is not. Its disrupted by a new player that instantly takes over 50% of the entire market.

The only reasons why other players have sales is simply because Tesla can only produce 5000 cars per week.

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Das Auto ist vielleicht die Gegenwart, aber nicht die Zukunft. Deutschland sollte sich schleunigst von der Autoindustrie abkoppeln und in anderen Bereichen vorangehen.

I’m a bit concerned for Germany when we wake up from our “too big to fail” arrogance and realize nobody wants to buy our cars anymore. Not only may Tesla be superior but also the majority of people simply wont want to own cars anymore in a few years. Only “cars to go”. What’s Germany gonna do without its Automobile industry??

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If Germany lost his Car Automobile, there will be near nothing left....

It is time to make something like in Germany some years ago, it called " Die Abfrackprämie" :-))))) The government supports the Car factories for more sales..... Many good cars got crashed that time, just for the money....

The financials of Tesla doesn't look very good. But they certainly have technology, innovation and perseverance (thanks to Elon Musk) But Tesla isn't without competition. NuTonomy is one example. It's an MIT spin-off technology startup company that actually managed to be the world's first to test a self driving taxi service thanks to more favorable regulation in Singapore.

If US doesn't become a more innovation friendly country and support people like Elon Musk, what happened to Germany is going to happen to US in the coming years.

The only reasons why other players have sales is simply because Tesla can only produce 5000 cars per week.

Very true. Tesla was supposed to have had far more cars produced but they under delivered when it comes to numbers. What I'm even more interested in than Tesla is actually Space X. I've always been a fan of space travel and astronomy. NASA isn't doing a damn thing. Even China recently landed on the dark side of the moon. The best thing NASA can do at the moment is donate itself to SpaceX so that I could at let visit a moon base in my lifetime. Arthur C. Clarke predicted about reaching Jupiter by 2001 when he was writing 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sad to see that things have gone backwards.

We were promised flying cars; instead we got 140 characters. The reason? I would say that we lived in a world in which bits were unregulated and atoms were regulated

  • Peter Thiel


musk is a media darling - hype maker- w/ many still waiting for their cars - sometimes the battery explodes - perhaps a more affordable option from hot wheels:) @angrytwin

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In third quarter of 2018, Tesla delivered around 83,500 units worldwide, of which nearly 56,000 were deliveries of their Model 3. The growth in that quarter was really exceptional. And you are right, they could sell more cars right now, if they would have enough capacity to produce them. I guess MB is just not fancy enough right now.