Tesla could be a $1 trillion company by 2030, predicts major shareholder Ron Baron

in tesla •  6 months ago

Fresh off the news that Tesla beat estimates by manufacturing and delivering over 80,000 vehilces in the 3rd quarter, billionaire investor Ron Baron chimed in.

He believes in the next decade plus, Tesla can become a trillion dollar company. This from the man who admits one of his biggest mistakes was not investing in Amazon.

Tesla is disrupting the auto industry with their full line of electric cars (3 models). They are also getting into eletric semis which are due to come out in 2019.

The other car manufacturers are following suit, making the move to start developing electric cars.

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"This from the man who admits one of his biggest mistakes was not investing in Amazon."

I think this sentences says it all, there are not many investment opportunities that will make Trillions of dollars in our lifetime. We just have to put our faith/believe on the right place, and especially read how the future will happen.

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