I'm going to buy a Tesla model X

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I'm going to buy a Tesla model X
So I was in the mall today in Denver Colorado and I stopped into the Tesla store to check out what was going on. Tesla had the model S for sale and a model X for sale but the model three doesn't come out for a few more months. The sales guy told me that they presold 500,000 model S. IMG_1457.JPG

The model S Tesla has been out for a while but I'd kind of like the stylings of the model X. The P 100 D has an incredible battery range and a giant flatscreen for navigation and a self driving mode. IMG_1458.JPG

Tesla also sell solar panels, a solar roof, and a power wall, so you could go completely off grid. The model S that I picked out started at $145,000 US.
Even though the Tesla model S has a launch capability and can accelerate almost as fast as a Porsche 911 Turbo, I think I'll have to wait for the less expensive model three.IMG_1459.JPG
I took these pictures with my iPhone. But this model ex is my uncles, he lives in Palm Springs.IMG_1460.JPG
A lot of people think that Tesla will be the first car company to offer a completely self driving car. #tesla


I have a YouTube channel if you're interested

Just figured out how to insert a YouTube video on this social media platform.

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I'm not a spam poster, all of my comments are unique and hopefully you think that there at least well thought out. I guess not

Elon musk was able to get a $1000 deposit from over 500,000 people. That $1000 deposit put them in line for the model 3. The Tesla model X only has a two month waiting. As of right now.

The Tesla model three offers in the optional jumpseat so children can sit in the far back facing backwards.

I think electric cars are going to be the future but not at $145,000 apiece.

The salesman at the Tesla shop said that the store in Park Meadows Mall will get 20 to 30 model threes so that people can test drive them as they build them in the giga factory.

Some people are saying that the new Tesla model 3 it's more of a large hatchback and a true sports coupe.

I think his products are good. And Tesla is an excellent company
But do not think that all the rich are always happy.
Ayalon Misk is also depressed, look here:

nice car, no sound, like a aeroplane cockpit.
I drove three years one 100% electric car from Nissan LEAF.
It's a wonderful experience. Someday all car will be electric definitely.

I was thinking about trying to use a Nissan leaf or Uber but it only gets 100 miles per charge. How many miles per charge are you getting?