Get To Know Each Other/ 10 Questions

I have been tagged by both @yaanivapeji and @rubberduckiemom for the getting to know each other challenge which was started by @daniel-otaniel. I thought it was a great and fun idea, so why not?

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What supernatural power would you want to have?


I would wanna have alot of them really but I can only choose one now, yeah? Well, I will go for being able to Teleport myself to different places. I feel like being able to do that will be super cool, I will be able to see thousands of places that normally might not be able to travel to, visit a number of my friends that now seem to be all over the world etc. I would be a "global citizen" lol! or just something like that, really. Maybe I would even end up on another planet, who knows? I could even run some free teleportation service... Lol!

If you could choose your birth place, where will it be, and why?

I would choose no other place than where I was born and called home for quite a long time (and still actually is), I have had a whole lot of memories there that I definitely wouldn't wanna trade for anything. As a child though, I didn't appreciate it much, I thought I would have better off being born in some part of the world. It definitely hasn't been all smooth sail but it has been one fun and eventful sail...


If you could go back in time to meet someone from the past, who will it be and why?

I have no one in mind, really. But I would love to go back in time and witnessed some of the amazing things that happened in history.


Which childhood memory is your favorite?

I was quite an early bird as a child. I would wake up and sneak into my parents' room (my brother and I actually), there is pose my Dad will make once he wakes up, that looks somewhat like a yoga pose.


Like that up there but with his butt a bit higher. My brother and I will take turns in sitting up there and then sliding from his bum towards his neck until he gets tired. Poor man! Now that I think of it, I think he probably just kept up with the pose because he figured we were having fun...

What are the three things you notice in the opposite sex first?

The Eyes: So I can see if it is as tiny as mine. lol! Just kidding... The Eyes clearly is the window to the soul, I feel like one's eyes do say alot more about their words or action

The Smile: One's smile reveals much about their sincerity. there are those smiles that aren't so sincere and well, there are those that quite are and could say more about the person. Plus, smiles make it easier to warm up to someone. It is quite ironic though because I am not one that smiles all the time (especial when alone), I simply forget to and I have a little bit of what they call "a serious face".


Height: I do this with everyone actually, with tall people that I meet, that might probably the first thing I notice, how really short (okay, not really really) but how I am not so tall and how much I appreciate heights. Lol!

If Life was a music, what song will yours be playing?

Probably more than one song, I guess... But if I should choose one, it probably will be; Like you- Tatiana Manaois

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Well, I broke some sort of rule, maybe a newly implemented one that seems quite silly

In one sentence, how would you sum up the whaleshares platform?

Now, that's quite random! I have never used the platform really, but I think I did visit it once, some time back. It is a platform that works similar to steemit. Oh, that's more than a sentence

What’s the funniest Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?

Eating Junk foods and all things unhealthy. I am so into them really but then, I will have to choose between staying healthy or going with that which I so much love. Sometimes, I win, other times, I just reach out for that chocolate bar, cookies or even go get some ice cream but when I do that, I try to "pay back" by getting active for a few days or I will have to deal with the guilt. I guess we can call it one of my guilty pleasures. lol


I would love to nominate @dreemsteem, @maquemali, @trincowski, and @dmilliz to take part in this challenge.

Much Love — Audrey ❤


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Oh there is just something about a nice smile, isn't there! I loved all of your answers. Glad to see I'm not the only early bird.

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Yeah yeah... There is! It easily lightens up one's heart.... I am glad you love them😊

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