Tenkminnows? How about a million? Play with the best!

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Yep I've been in the trenches getting to raise a few friends. Now we are back. Hang on gotta get auto-vote set up!

If you are already apart of the club? Drop a comment!

If you want to be invited? Let @ganjafarmer or any of the Players know.

We don't follow. But if you do we might ask if you want in!

Gotta grow the Players Club members so they can give back. Started groups that lost their way. This won't. Blowing up the new player and banging players to where we could go.

Lambos for all!

Time for life to work for us!

Ha! Should have just done this! But now this is proof how things blow up.

Hang on...

Spark up Conversation on Discord




I just want to grow and help others as well while having an awesome experience this blockchain has to offer! Invite me pls

Already done!

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It's invite only but.... You already were..

Yeah here in a bit I'm gonna crush this small account one by one. Boom. Here is a vote for you. And a savage one. Bump some minnows up hard. Get them to swim with the big boys because we all got game.

Mad love. Yeah hit me up on discord.

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So much better thanks!

How does one get an invite?

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Now what do I do?

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Lets smash!!

Got you on!

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Awesome thanks! That took some effort lol

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Yeah that was a pain for sure!

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Welcome to the team Gaark!

🎁 Dear @gaark,

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Could I join, becoming a whale on my own but want to help a community while I hodl

Of course! Got discord?

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https://discord.gg/r73S2zH here you go my room and main hangout for the players!

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Shit gotta get you on too! Sweet thanks!

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I came but didn't understand how to do it. It is possible that I will have to participate with Discord?

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