Whaaaat?! I'm a MINNOW now! ♥ Thanks guys! ♥

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Good morning everyone!!

Well, thanks to @TenKMinnows, I have officially become a minnow! Yay me! ;D


I'm sure I would have got there quicker if I had posted more, but hey, it's springtime. You know what the busiest time of year is for homesteaders? Well, we are always busy, but yep, SPRINGTIME is super-ultra busy!

So, for any of the @tenkminnows people out there who thought maybe I just didn't care that much, I DO care, but I have very limited time to commit to steemit.

I really appreciate everyone to took the time to upvote and support me to help get to that magical 500SP number! You guys rock!!! Of course, I REALLY appreciate @slobberchops for bringing me into this group and giving me a boost up. You are awesome sir!!



Thanks for the love and support! Looking forward to someday hitting that next milestone!

Have a blessed day, Steemian friends!! ♥


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Woohoo what a milestone Congratulations and fully understandable that springtime keeps you busy on the homestead

Steem Onward and upward


Thanks friend! :D
Ill keep on keeping on!


Thats all we can do :)

I dont have any minnow photos, haha, so the first one is an otocinclus catfish, and the second one is a goldfish. :D

Congrats on the milestone. I've always been fond of cute little minnows ;)


Thanks, me too, haha! ;)

A huge congrats on becoming a minnow!! Up to dolphin next ;-)


Thanks! Slowly but surely making progress! :D

Congratulations! What an accomplishment!


Thanks!! ♥

Congratulations, @squishysquid !!!! You are a minnow now and you will continue to grow into wonderfuller fishies!!! <3 <3 <3


Thank you!! I hope so!~ ♥

happy for you, Mama!


Thanks! ♥

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So happy for you
Congratulations :D


Thanks! ♥

Congratulations mama!! I understand about being busy. We can only do what we can do. I first commit to my family and then all else I can make time for comes next ;) That’s life. ♥️

Keep enjoying building up your homestead with your family ~


Thanks so much! I know many of you mamas out there understand. Family and real-life comes first, documenting and sharing come second if we can manage it. ♥

Thank you

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Thank you too ;)

congrats on getting to your minnow status - hope to get there one day too :)


Thanks!! Im sure you will, just keep on posting!~ ♥