Is Minnowhood Knocking At My Door?

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So, a few days ago, @blanchy reached out to me about a project on the blockchain, which I had no idea about, but upon taking a look at his post, I figured what it was all about — The platform!


The #tenkminnows project is about steemit and steemians, its about making the distribution of steem a bit more fair among smaller accounts, which in turn makes the steem platform more habitable for pretty much everyone. isn't it cool?

It was stated by @steevc, and @paulag (and her team) ever so passionate about redfishes and minnows offered their solid support. it is about making atleast 250 minnows, this month.

This is definitely a great project with steemians and the platform at heart! it's amazing how these people did go out of their way to help in such a big way. And I sure do want to be part of the 250 redfishes who get to cross over to minnowhood this month and hopefully, soar from there…. So, yeah. I am opting in!

I am glad that I was nominated for this project, I am gonna power up all of the steem I earn in this month and hopefully, keep up with that. I have never powered down since I joined steemit last year and I don't see myself doing so, I hope to keep growing from here onward!

Thank You so much for this, @paulag, @steevc and @tenkminnows, and thanks to you too @blanchy for nominating me

Much Love — Audrey ❤


hi @audreybits and thanks for the post. I really do hope that you power up all earning and dont send it to exchanges, as this is a requirement to say on this program for the month. welocme to #tenkminnows

Thank you, Paulag!! I am looking forward to doing just that....

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Well, you seem like a good choice for the @tenkminnows project, so I'm happy to send a bit of support your way! This is all a team effort, and also great way to get so know some new people in the community. Good luck to you!

I appreciate your support, it does mean a whole lot to me. Thank you so much!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! On your nomination. I hope it works out for you.

Swim fishy swim. Don't get whale poop on you though.

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Lol! I am gonna dodge the poop😊

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hi @audreybits and welcome to #tenkminnows- we have a long way to push you but we can try, looking forward to seeing you at minnow status soon

Thank you!!

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That's really great Audrey, I've bumped up the delegation to help you get over the line. Once you open the door to minnowhood, I'll pull the lot. All the very best to you 🔆

You are such a sweetheart, Barge! Thank you so much for your endless support...😘😊❤

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