~TDT~ $10 Tuesday and Preparing for #SPUD5 ~TDT~

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$10 Tuesday!


It’s that day again my fellow $10 Tuesday peeps!! It’s time to make that $10 purchase of a crypto of your choice. Shoot maybe you want to make a crypto trade and post up about it. That is cool too.

So I did my usual routine and swung into the Bitcoin ATM and slipped in a no so crisp ten dollar bill for my #tendollartuesday partner @dandays.


I noticed Bitcoin took just a little dip in price and I have a tough time just throwing $10 in the ATM. Sometimes it’s whatever I have in my pocket... trust me it’s not like I go packing around thousands or even hundreds of dollars. This time I tossed in $40. So I pulled a Quattro $10 Tuesday. I think that deserves the #tendollartuesday cheerleader don’t you?


Then I couldn’t stop there... I hit up @blocktrades and stack some more Steem while I was at it. With Steem at $0.18 I gotta get some more of that action!!


I’m stackin’ that Steem in preparation for #SPUD5. September 1st, 2019 is the day and Powering Up Steem is the way!!


Join with us every Tuesday for #tendollartuesday, where we stack that Crypto $10 at a time!!

Until Next time...
Steem On
Look at me...
I ain’t no Financial Advisor!!
But I am a
#SPUD5 Supporter


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Heck of a tool promotion tool you are dude. Thanks for continuing to keep me in the loop. At the start of September I’ll have access to a Bitcoin ATM again, you really helped me out by letting me tag along this $10 Tuesday for however many months it’s been.

Spud 5 is another good promo. I powered up 100 Steem last Friday I think it was... one of em. 🤔

The cheerleader is awesome!

I pay good money for this cheerleader to come around every Tuesday. Plus she makes special appearances also...