Ten Days of Reflection, day nine – Pond Heron Sun

It was raining most of the day but when riding back from the store on my bike the sun came out and the sky was looking really neat when reflecting off of the little pools in the roadway. I decided to ride over to the retention pond to see if I could get some reflection photos of the trees, sky or frogs.

As I rode over to the pond a large heron flew down right in front of me and settled down in the pond with a “honk” sound. I stopped and looked over the fence at it and it looked back at me suspiciously. I knew if I got any closer it would fly away so I took my photo where I was at and didn’t bother moving around the pond much to get better photos.

The retention pond in the sun. – click for viewing full screen

I liked the way the picture turned out but you can’t really see the bird too well. My other camera would have done a much better job on that. Here’s a zoomed in picture adjusted to show the bird a bit better. I think it kind of looks like an old ink blot picture in a way.

Zoomed in picture of Heron. – click for viewing full screen

I rode away without disturbing the bird too much, I figured that this time of year it must be tough to get enough food. I’m pretty sure there are some frogs in the pond that the bird is probably hunting, but I doubt they are very big or numerous now.

Happy Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

Well I’m grinning from ear to ear with the way things appear to be going again with crypto. There sure are a bunch of ups and downs but I’m happy.

It occurs to me that this might be the first time in history where we have potentially a new class of investors who do not owe any big allegiance financially to any particular hierarchical institution. (Corporations, governments, kings, despots, etc.)

For example, in the past if your boss told you to go dump this strange smelling toxic looking liquid in the retention pond you would likely do it if you valued your job and wanted to continue working there. Asking too many questions might get you fired, which might be really bad if all of your retirement funds are also tied up in your companies stock.

Historically questioning authority too much was likely to get your head on the end of a pike on a bridge someplace for public viewing. Not to many people would dare to not toe the line in these types of authoritarian regimes and debt slavery compounded the issues.

By having wealth that is not tied to any particular company or ideology, I think we can begin to make better decisions about what type of things we want to support. At this point in time wealth is really driving all kinds of decision making and large corporations are not always making the best decisions for everyone.

Being able to think for yourself is a very good thing. You can think about the way we are doing things and potentially speak out about questionable things that are being done. You are less likely to be caught up in “group think” if you have some time to yourself when you don’t have to work all the time to pay your bills. It would be great if everybody worldwide had this ability, I think more decisions would be made towards the common good.

Thanks for reading! I took the photo with my Galaxy S7.
More about the reflection challenge can be read HERE

I nominate anyone with a desire for reflections to try out the challenge.


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I liked the way the picture turned out but you can’t really see the bird too well.

It's true, I can't see any heron in the picture. I think their color become one with the surroundings.

I knew about cryptocurrency just when I became active on steemit, surely I don't have much to say. Something I know now, I put my hope on this platform. I can't believe some governments forbid people from using cryotocurrency! Why are they so mean? They're so greedy.

Yes, i could also not pick the heron in the first photograph. Good shots, one day to go in the challenge! I'm thinking photography now myself, lol.

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Happy to see today cryptocurrency market. Today top cryptos seems good movement. Steem up over $4.5 and SBD also up over $4. Bitcoin goes over $9,000. Other favorites are also same way. Waiting to gain more.

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So lets hope for the best while hodling on.

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Pemandangan yang sangat indah

A nice article on blending of two:

  • your thoughts on crypto

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