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My Telos account has been hacked

How are you guys? This is a slightly different publication. I want to share something that happened to me about a month ago. I've been stolen! :(

Who am I?

If you don't know about me, I am a regular guy with a regular job and with an (almost) regular familly. But I'm also a dreamer and an entrepreneur, and I see on TELOS network an anormus potencial !!

So I decided months ago that I will be building my Cards & Tokens project completely on TELOS blockchain, taking advantage of the low price so I can buy lots of resources (RAM, CPU & BW) now before price rises.

For that matter, I've been saving all my salary extras to buy TLOS tokens, until I reached the amount of 23926.0107 TLOS (withdrawals 21410.0615 TLOS and 2515.9492 TLOS)

What happened?

I remember it was saturday. I was very bussy working at home in the new features of the token smart contract and the technical details of the CNT token airdrop, when I realised ALL MY TELOS TOKENS WERE GONE !!! I stopped working in this instant and opened my sqrl to watch the history and I found this:


The shock

I was Shocked !! I couln't beleave my eyes !! someone hacked me and took my private key (I still don't know how) to sign those two transactions to a none blockchain account on EOSex echange identified with the number 13419352.

EOSex it's an excelent BTC/EOSIO based exchange that is growing fast in the eosio community. In EOSex you can login with a blockchain account (in which case every transaction on the exchange is acctually made on the blockchain) or you can create an account with your email and then create a deposit number to send tokens from a valid telos account with that number in the transaction memo.

The thief made this kind of deposit wallet and then took care to send himself or herself ALL my TLOS tokens. First made a test with 22.0000 TLOS and then sent the rest 23904.0107 TLOS).

I reacted by desperately asking for help in the telos chat...

at that point I didn't know about EOSex and I thought that this thief was hacking everyone sistematically (because there was a lot of similar traffic). Then someone told me about the exchange and I searched the rest.

In the Telos telegram group every body was very worried and kind to me but at the end I had no solution for my lost. Then someone told me about the exchange trades and sent me this picture:


The thief sold everything immediately for a few EOS at a terrible low prices!!! I traced those transactions over the blockchain and they sum together 21417.5671 TLOS (which I assume are my savings minus EOSex transaction fees).

amountpriceeos got
1246.8643 TLOS * 0.00250000= 3.1171 EOS
9990.0000 TLOS * 0.00500000= 49.9500 EOS
4995.0000 TLOS * 0.01100000= 54.9450 EOS
1798.2000 TLOS * 0.02000000= 35.9640 EOS
2378.5128 TLOS * 0.02100000= 49.9487 EOS
149.8500 TLOS * 0.02121000= 3.1783 EOS
859.1400 TLOS * 0.02321000= 19.9406 EOS
TOTAL= 217.0438 EOS

I talked to EOSex people, but they told me that everything was normal and they could not do anything about it.


That Saturday that I was supposed to work all day on the project I spent the day lying in bed, wondering why. Thinking about life, my efforts and what it takes to me to do this alone. I don't know... I was a long day.


Althought I still was feeling bad about my money, the next day I woke up early to resume my work to deliver the airdrop in time. I thought this was a very tough lesson but at least I learn that you cannot underestimate security !!. So I got rid of the txt file where I had written all my keys (in plain text without encrypting) and change all my account with a new key pair which I printed on paper and hold in my desk at home.

I'm still working hard to make this project work but now I have a huge financial problem. so I decided to write a worker proposal to tell my story and ask for resources for the project (that was my original goal from the beginning).

Worker proposal

I will be publishin a worker proposal very soon asking for financial support to buy resources for this Cards & Tokens platform. I will notify everyone on steemit when that happends hopping that you will support me and my work.


Damn! feels bad, so sorry that happened to ya.

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