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Cards & Tokens announces the CNT Tokens Airdrop

Vapaée Tokens Smart Contract

As you already know, Vapaée is the company with which I'm going to build many excellent dapps on the Telos network. Cards & Tokens is just the first one of many to come. Each one of this dapps will have its own token and all of them will be allocated in the 'vapaeetokens' smart contract account.

That smart contract is an adaptation of the basic eosio.token code provided by, adding some features like auto-claim airdrop, token exchange and staking. All in one.

The final code will be open source but is not ready yet. However, I already published a reduced version of this adaptation that contains only what is necessary to perform an airdrop based on the original Telos snapshot. You can find it at

Airdrop baseed on TELOS original snapshot

You may also know that Telos Foundation planned this snapshots to facilitate airdrops over its users but a technical issue got in the way...
To summarize there's no way for me to change the logic (code) that answers to the question of "what's the balance of token XXX for a given account?" because it looks directly to the smart contract "accounts" table of the smart contract, meaning that there's no technical way to "perform" an airdrop without actually incurring in RAM costs (because the balances MUST be allocated in that table).

However the snapshot provided with necessary info to implement a hybrid solution between POORMAN token strategy and a classic airdrop. That solution is what I implemented. It is open source and already available in the mentioned repository. I will be posting again with more details on this issue.

If you wanna know more about the Telos snapshot please check out this trading card which is a prototype of a future album of TELOS.


The CNT token was partially executed for all accounts present in the first snapshot (taken on 17 of January) with a balance greater or equals to 100.0000 TLOS. For those who were present in the snapshot but with less tokens, it's possible to claim their tokens by calling the 'claim' action using cleos in the following way:

cleos --url push action vapaeetokens claim '["accountname","CNT","accountname"]' -p accountname

For more info about the CNT Token itself, please visit

Airdrop x2

Last june it was released a special promo in which users may pay 1 EOS Token to participate in a second CNT airdrop.
Here is the table with the corresponding airdrops.

Ethereum accountamounttx
0x480a424....b59425051.9000 CNT gqydoobuhege
0xC058f77....2F9c65234.1000 CNT gq4tsojuhege
0xFAACC0b....776625240.7900 CNT gm2dsojshage
0x60750b7....9D50b6216.2600 CNT gi2dcnjzgene
0x839dd79....5397823208.8000 CNT gqytimzwgige
0xF09F00b....50c585072.3200 CNT ha3dmmrygyge
0x930E0bc....63a4A5400.2400 CNT g43tamztgige
0x5274672....993015099.6000 CNT guydonrqhage
0x5F52a05....3796B5166.8200 CNT heydqmzugege
0x56e76a0....0685f5080.5500 CNT gy4dcmzqgyge
0x171320F....c78145001.8700 CNT heytqmryhege
0x8C06652....9Df1E5049.7900 CNT g44tmnztgage
0xBec98D7....AD7005050.7600 CNT guztemzzgyge
0x92E93ED....834825000.3900 CNT hezdimjxgage
0xC341F30....76C075047.5800 CNT gm4tcnjzgqge
0xD1B4D97....917b35022.9500 CNT gy3tqojwgige
0xb7826b9....d1B9c5117.7400 CNT gy4danzsgige
0x103916E....88F835020.3900 CNT hezdinryg4ge
0xaeEe333....f0b955219.9200 CNT gq3tqnjxg4ge
0x06Cab99....95f265004.8900 CNT g42tknzvgege
0x3756416....Db7F85090.4400 CNT gy3tsnzuhage
0x87d4AbE....c00B25000.3900 CNT hezdsnjshage
0x6983212....2621013389.0000 CNT guzdeobugqge
0x74b4A93....6Cca65192.3200 CNT g44tsmzqgege

Steemit promo airdrops

During the promo campaign of Cards & Tokens many users participated and received CNT tokens in their Ethereum wallet. Those tokens were replicated in the vapaeetokens smart contract only for the accounts that were registered in the EOS smart contract (meaning those who has been included in the EOS genesis snapshot). Unfortunately not all the ETH accounts were registered in the EOS genesis, so they didn't receive the airdrop yet.

If you are or know someone on the following table that have not received the proper airdrop please let me know. What I need is the current Telos account name to be the airdrop target (just like the other ones).

@devcore 3000.0000 CNT gqytkmjygene
@bitcoinquest 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@yesmin 7000.0000 CNT gyytknztgege
@emojiet 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@myjournal 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@perchits 1000.0000 CNT gi3domzygene
@sa4van 3500.0000 CNT gy3tqnjyhage
@healaa 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@viperblckz 5000.0000 CNT gi2dkmrwhege
@natxlaw 5000.0000 CNT gy3dcoagenes
@shuvomahfuz 6000.0000 CNT ????????????
@mycryptostalker 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@voluntary-io 7000.0000 CNT ????????????
@cryptogecko 5000.0000 CNT ????????????
@logan1617 6000.0000 CNT ????????????
@gcalvete 6000.0000 CNT gyztqojtgage
@ferfla 405000.0000 CNT ????????????
@yobana 6000.0000 CNT ????????????
@silent-ghost 8000.0000 CNT ????????????
@samstickkz 5000.0000 CNT haydanbvgege
@beesteem 1000.0000 CNT guydonrqhage
@dalexx 1000.0000 CNT ha2tmnzrguge
@excy4yaweh 1000.0000 CNT ????????????
@wellnessguy 1000.0000 CNT ????????????
@scooter77 1000.0000 CNT geytkmbwgyge
@kingyus 1000.0000 CNT ????????????
@pairmike 1000.0000 CNT geztiojtg4ge
@wakeupworldnews 1000.0000 CNT gm2dsojshage
@amberlamps 3000.0000 CNT gy4dcmbwgege
@deismac 1000.0000 CNT guzdsmjxhage
@radus 1000.0000 CNT haytcmzrhage
@scandinavianlife 1000.0000 CNT guzdsmrugege
@satoshibit 1000.0000 CNT gyztqojshage
@stone89son 1000.0000 CNT gy4domzshage
@napkin 2000.0000 CNT haydonjyguge
@jpederson96 1000.0000 CNT ha2tcnjugyge
@joooc 2000.0000 CNT ????????????
@leejy 2000.0000 CNT gi2dcnjzgene
@andrew88 1000.0000 CNT hezdonbwhege

Steemit promo airdrops (late registration)

In the same promo campaign there were late registrations that were not attended in that moment. Those accounts have receive a "consolation prize" of 500 CNT that were sent to the corresponding telos account (based on the EOS genesis snapshot).

Again, there were unregistered accounts for the genesis of EOS, so they did not receive this consolation prize. Let me know if you are one of those cases and where (what account) to point to the airdrop.

accountEthereum acounttx
@veteranoftruth0x71c6ff6....17467 guztmnrrg4ge
@nijmai0x1Fc7625....11DBA g42tmnrygege
@radus0x8FfEEaA....B2a0b haytcmzrhage
@yepidan0x79e2Dbf....93299 gu3tmnjygqge
@nitego0xbFA9E94....40197 ????????????
@indend0070x2E26F45....3a1BF guzdsmbygige
@drycounty0xa3bB542....0AB24 g43danjsgage
@unknown780xb79798D....F89dc ????????????
@technewbie0x0f62038....a7fa5 gu2tombtgqge
@draceos0xaeEe333....f0b95 gq3tqnjxg4ge
@cryptohorizons0x43624b7....75F73 ????????????
@lover330x4906E4f....bFfa8 gq3timzsgyge
@phi28180x2A90853....927DA gi4tenjsguge
@jpederson960xe33661d....B88A3 ha2tcnjugyge
@yennsth0x???????....????? geytcnjzgmge

Worker Proposal (coming soon)

Finally, I would like to ask the entire TELOS community to support the worker proposal that I am working on right now. Basically, I would ask for funds to buy RAM for the main smart contract, to prevent users from having to buy memory and be able to use it freely. This will facilitate the adoption of the users.

Note: for better reading and for full version tables (with complete ETH addresses) got to


I was in the steemit promo airdrop list, so should I have received them in my telos wallet or eos wallet?

I sent you all CNT tokens to your telos genesis account gm2dsojshage
You have 7444.8025 CNT
Congrats !! :)

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