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In just under four weeks' time the new Telos blockchain will be launching (first Go/No Go vote by the launch group)*. Judging from the meteoric rise of EOS on blocktivity, it is fair to assume that the EOSIO based Telos will be in the top two in the very near future. History and pedigree bode well for Telos as EOS, STEEM and BitShares were all actively developed by @dan.

Although based on EOSIO software, there are key differences that Telos brings to the table, many of which are to solve real world issues that have come to light following the EOS mainnet launch. These include the DPoS voting mechanism, token distribution and blockproducer preparedness confirmations. All these are delivered through a combination of code as well as deep data analysis.

The team involved in delivering these robust changes is lean yet packs a punch. It is comprised of approximately 70 individuals of diverse backgrounds. Including developers, stack engineers , community leads and experienced blockproducers. Working around the clock yet remaining respectful of the respective individuals' timezones, the Telos team are making steady progress and already contributing innovations to the EOS code as well as some key wallets etc.

In my view, the success of this team is firmly anchored in their individual and collective principles, can do attitudes and positive approach to all challenges. Though many, they are not insurmountable and I see solutions coming through every day.

Today, I managed to use the Sqrl wallet on the Telos testnet to carry out various operations. This will be perfect for launch day as token holders will be able to interact with the blockchain and submit their votes quickly. Hopefully this will ensure a speedy network launch. The scatter wallet also already works on the Telos testnet.

This week there has been a palpable indication of the growing Telos community as inquiries on token "airdrops", wallets and availability have increased on the Telegram channels. It seems that the community's interest in Telos is growing, further enhancing the grassroots approach that the project team promote.

The team is actively working on, BP minimum requirements, governance - finalising the key documents that form the Telos Operations Agreement and community rewards scheme among other milestones. The blockchain aims to launch with all key documents in place that will be held within the first few blocks of the blockchain itself. Each block will contain a reference to these blocks, indelibly linking them to the original agreements on chain.

I intend to delve into these individual items in future posts and hopefully before mainnet launch.

  • The basis of the Go/No Go vote will be consensus that all functionality milestones/requirements have been met

Hi Erikodi, great write up, some more good exposure for Telos. I would like to just clarify one point though, the launch date has NOT yet been determined.

The first step in the launch process is the Go/No-Go vote on 28th September at which point the Launch Group will vote on whether all intended functionality has been added.

Unlike the EOS (witch-hunt creating) vote the Telos launch will be preceded by the publishing of a prerequisites list, colour coded red, amber, green. Therefore when all prerequisites are green it will be easy to determine if its ready for launch or not.

EOS UK are a Block Producer Candidate for the Telos network and actively involved in the launch and working groups, learn more about us at

Thanks Jim, I have made some adjustments. I'd used the non specific launch sentence above with this in mind, I have specified the Go/No Go vote as per your feedback.

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