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Hi Erikodi, great write up, some more good exposure for Telos. I would like to just clarify one point though, the launch date has NOT yet been determined.

The first step in the launch process is the Go/No-Go vote on 28th September at which point the Launch Group will vote on whether all intended functionality has been added.

Unlike the EOS (witch-hunt creating) vote the Telos launch will be preceded by the publishing of a prerequisites list, colour coded red, amber, green. Therefore when all prerequisites are green it will be easy to determine if its ready for launch or not.

EOS UK are a Block Producer Candidate for the Telos network and actively involved in the launch and working groups, learn more about us at


Thanks Jim, I have made some adjustments. I'd used the non specific launch sentence above with this in mind, I have specified the Go/No Go vote as per your feedback.

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