lol why would they use steem blockchain? thats like an ethereum user coming to steem asking you 'When will you use ethereum for tipit? " lol

but what he can say is that telos will soon be on steem so yeah youll be able to have all these tokens on steem if they pay steem engine listing fee or do the github work themselves

but yeah this is about telos not steem :) you should look into it and see how its already surpasssed steem marketcap and has active worker proposals a telos foundation, really good governance that steem WILl learn from one way or another

people will complain and bicker but as soon as i write a proposal under a new name that makes sense theyll all vote it up and we will have a new hardfork for steem foundation funded via small chunk of reward pool to pay existing steemians hire from within t promote steem in a foundational sense, with liek salaried workers in developing countries that can like actually work for steem to do serious infrastructure, marketing going out to talk to people and build bridges tehers so much fun work to do to build steem up we need permanent paid workers in a steem foundation ike telos has a @telosfoundation

how its already surpasssed steem marketcap

Am I missing something?


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