Teleminer scam

in telegram •  5 months ago

Hey guys this my first post on steemit and Im roughly an infant to crypto investment platforms because im a HODL God but im here to reflect on recent events which took place in the crypto space (bars). Ive noticed that teleminer has completely shutdown with no trace of any sort. I cant brag and say i knew it but i had a feeling due to there most recent promotions back to back about 3.9% gains daily just to reel in more investors and sadly i was one of those investers who seen this percentage and thought well what do i have to loose anyways and well yea.. I lost my whole investment.. Word of advise even though a platform has good history, go hard in findimg the team and advisors because its ur money which u are risking.. Telegram was a huge scam and let it be a precedent for future scetchy platforms the community should watch out for.

Keep HODL my friends 💗

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