Tesla Stock Drops After Elon Musk Meets Joe Rogan, Whisky & Weed! AI, Tech, Cosmology & Fun. Elon's Fatalism Relaxes After a Hit on A Blunt. :)

in technology •  2 months ago

It seems Elon Musk is a bit like 'Marmite' (or 'vegemite' if you are in Australia) in that you either 'love him or hate him'. I personally here are lot of positives and negatives - so I thought I'd take the time to listen to his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan show. I have had my issues with Joe in the past, but this show has a nice flow and feels more honest than most interviews I see.

Not only does Elon talk about AI, his Tesla cars, underground tunnels and flamethrower merchandise, but he smokes some cannabis too and claims it makes no difference... But I think you will see from the chronology of the quotes below that there is some change post weed ;)

The full 2.5 hour interview is below.


I tried to tell them, nobody listened

Elon says that he spoke with Obama and many other US government 'officials' about the existential threat of AI and he thinks that mostly they didn't really understand it. As Joe points out, this moment in the podcast is like a scene from many sci-fi movies.

The real threat from AI comes from humans using it against other humans

Elon says he perceives that the weaponisation of AI by corrupt humans is the greatest threat posed.

Humans and Google/Facebook/Twitter are all giant cybernetic collectives

A hive mind of humanity interacting with AI is already with us!

Best case scenario: We merge with AI

Elon states that in his mind, the best that can happen is that humans merge with advanced AI and increase their intelligence as a result. His company is part way through creating technology to achieve this.

Most people are already cyborgs - their phone is a cybernetic extension of themselves

He points out that humans are already partially cyborgs by the way we often use Smartphones throughout the day to extend our mindspace and capacity.

Elon Musk's Spirit on Weed & Whisky

I prefer to be an optimist than a pessimist

In response to Joe pointing out the huge potential for destruction resulting from development of AI, Elon says he has given up being fatalistic about the highly risky outcome and chooses optimism instead.

The universe as we know it will dissipate into a fine mist of cold nothingness eventually

Elon shows that perhaps he is a little more of a pessimist than his rose tinted glasses is letting in ;)

weed has no effect on me

Joe offers Elon a weed/tobacco smoke and Elon takes a hit. He later claims that weed has no effect on him and he doesn't use it (hardly ever).

love is the answer

Despite the weed 'having no effect' - Elon concludes that love is the way. Maybe the weed did have some tiny effect after all! :)

it's easy to demonise people, you are usually wrong about it

Maybe this is partially a reference to himself in that so many people do openly demonise him on social media.

The Full Interview

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Go Elon, great interview....#shownofear

It was a great interview. Elon is one of the few people who can truthfully say "but I didn't inhale." His message was that we need more love in the world, and the internet blows up with admonishments over a single puff of a legal substance. Weird times for sure.


I have more issue with people who don't inhale than who do ;)

Large parts of the internet are fuelled by guilt and denial - hence all the attacks on people that are hard to track down the cause of. :/

We need people like Elon Musk because he is smart and innovative and I hope that he would create more things from his mind to benefit people. @ura-soul but sadly as he says government won't take heed about his warnings about AI.


As long as the lithium batteries in his car don't explode like mini nuclear reactors - it'll be fine! lol

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I listened to that interview... I thought it was pretty cool.. I like that fact that Elon seems to be very future orientated... and generally positive... ;9)

Musk is dangerous because he is pushing human-AI meshing.... AI, as I blogged about it, is not a human invention


If I recall correctly, when you were first blogging on Steem, we had a conversation where you were advocating AI and talking about using it to 'answer spiritual questions' and I disagreed with that idea then for similar reasons to yours here with regards to Elon Musk. Have you changed your position on that now?


I never changed my position, go to my blog when you get a chance and scroll down, all my blogs about AI are real warnings. you must confuse me with somebody else. :) But at least, we are aligned. Have a great evening

I like and respect Elon Musk. First time whiteout censorship.

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The weed was certainly starting to take effect, but we understand...he is only human afterall

Am not American though, am Nigerian... I don't have much to say but I think the man is really keen to his warning that people should concentrate more on loving others and making the world better and not sitting on smart phones all day

This guy is not alone

This was a great episode on JRE...I wasn't a huge fan of Elon Musk, until this podcast.
Good post with the highlights from the show.