Samsung is releasing their first ever foldable phone- The Samsung Galaxy F

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Samsung has been trying to push the boundaries in the cell phone market for quite some time now and trying to gain back a larger share of the market from Apple. Samsung plans to release the Samsung Galaxy F around this time next year and it is a truly foldable phone. Even though Samsung is known for releasing products that are a few years ahead of the curve, I think this is something that some people are really looking forward to.

The Samsung Galaxy F is going to be both a phone and a tablet. I personally have seen the crazy phenomenon where you see someone carrying around their Ipad to take pictures on a long walk, which seems pretty ridiculous. The separation between phone and tablet should not really exist other than the fact that it is convenient to have one device that is fully charged. Samsung has been pushing new ideas especially since the Samsung Galaxy Note didn't catch on. The Samsung Galaxy F is going to be sold in limited quantities and have a price tag of about $2,000... Apple has a few surprises up their sleeves for their next-gen phones, but this is still very innovative.

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This will push apple to level up. Next year is gonna be great.


Samsung earlier on used to produce phones that were of poor quality but nowadays they have given apple headache because majority of apple fans are switching to Samsung and this further proves that with time they may be the leading technology company in the whole world

The phone looks amazing......
Going to be sold in limited numbers, so this is going to be a collectors thingy. 👍


My best phone brand

A very good update about technology. Nice post reskeepup.jpg

Samsung has gat the magic


Will this make apple to where they finally make a phone that the screen does not shatter on in the first 72 hours. My wife's phone is constantly breaking the screen.

it looks awesome...but its still just a phone.

I'm wondering if humanity is in total awakening state of mind and soul to understand the path that already started to be carved and shaped thru the Time Spectrum of this Earth/World, and the most weird thing is, that this is happening maybe without being known that it's thru their own unconscious consent @the4thmusketeer

We're blaming a society destroyed by cell-phones and still we are watching, being fascinated, all this "evolutive" game without knowing the price that the humanity will pay ... Families are destroyed, humanity serves this so called tool "cell-phone" ( the term cell ... maybe it's connected to the human cells and already are extended in their patterns and destroy the genuine ones)

Soon everything will be on the retina

I think humanity jumped already over the borders of what's normal and how's healthy to be used something that's from outside and it's robotic ... but as i've said ... the payment list will appear at the end ... before a new beginning ...

Regards steemians and thanks for sharing this blog @the4thmusketeer


I can see you've put a lot of thought into this. I think that we are definitely putting ourselves in a trap with technology that is so convenient, however, new technology also has the ability to save us time and allow us new opportunities. So there will always be trade-offs unfortunately, and it is our responsibility not to let technology own our lives completely.

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In our country, this phone not yet release.


the technology advances fast, every year very interesting innovations arise, APPLE must also have very good developments to leave soon, I love this. I would like health to move forward quickly and new cures that are increasingly efficient

This looks amazing.

This will be a great invention.

I am interested in Samsung Galaxy F. I have long dreamed that the Samsung Galaxy F can be folded. I am glad you have shown a very sophisticated technology. I beg you if it comes out please tell me by posting again

Let see what we get ... but my big problem is ... How secure is this phone as these phone programs and Apps take my personal information without I knowing it.... so I think we must start think this ... not this how you can make phone look more cool.

How an AK-47 Works (By A 3D animation)

i think the beginning of fold-able smartphones is on the verge.

Samsung is doing their thing these days, Apple better step em’ up

Wow amazing Thank you for sharing @the4thmusketeer

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Samsung always try to push their boundaries but how they will manage the pixels of the screen. It will be interesting to see. By the way waiting for this invention. :)

I'll preorder one. It's super cool.

well great times lie ahead.........
with hard work and determination the human race will definitely prosper more in technology........This really will be a great breakthrough in technology but we have to stay tuned for more as the world is progressing very rapidly......
What do you think????

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good work introduce the new model samsung Galaxy F for the future.
i can follow u..

Wow I'm excited for tech once again :D

foldable glass?


I'm not really sure it's glass the way we usually think of it, but yeah that's the idea.

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Samsung is coming with its foldable phone to give a tough competition to Apple
Maybe apple will bring something that is more attractive than Samsung... Let's wait for apples turn..

The features of the Samsung Galaxy F is indeed remarkable, i must say the future of mobile phone technology is right before us. Good post.


Good Post!

foldable phone is best for use.

I guess I'm the only one here that misses the old Nokia phones and the keypad. I would love for them to make a smart phone with a small screen and a keypad.

This is beast....nxt is here..
really appritiate...

This is next level... And now apply will will scratching their head... Interesting time ahead

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Thanks a lot, this is very informative. There are humans in this platform pretending to provide information and click on-baiting customers. But this put up honestly packs a punch with all this information. well played sir.

We've experienced all the adaptable Samsung cell phone spills, from .... a touchscreen layer, which would be quite imperative for a cell phone. ... a corrective minimal, alongside the lines of a collapsing telephone patent we'd just observed.

When I worked for Nokia Mobile Phones (15 years ago), we had annual internal conferences - in one of those conferences this kind of concept phone was shown! But at that time technology was not good enough to make it a saleable product.

This kind of foldable phones and tablets will be a very common sight, say five years from now. Main problem with current devices is the lack of screen space.

To me sony mobile is the best.
I liked the mobile that you posted on the mobile. thank you

can't wait for to e release
this will push apple to the edge

Its amazing to see this feature.The development in science have made everything possible.What to expect next? There might be a phone with screen only.

The competition is interesting.... Kudos to Samsung👏👏

Reminds me of the flip phones, oh what fond memories I have of them.

$2,000 so the police state can track me? Seriously that's insane for a phone.

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Apple & SAMSUNG are competitors of each other & will try their level best to sustain their reputation in their public.

The foldable smartphone is a great technological advance in this field. I am sure it will be quickly extended to others screen devices. The biggest question now is the price of this smartphone. Is it worth to have one so at so early stage of development?

Another innovative invention by Samsung

I can't way for its release, GO SAMSUNG!! 🤣

Dope! Hope they'll get the price down soon :p

Phones become bigger and bigger, this technology will allow us to put new big phones into the pockets of our pants ^^

With technology, you should see it, feel it and experience its advertised capabilities, before commenting whether it is good or bad. I will wait before I give any verdict.

now that is crazy , i wonder how apple will answer !

nice phone

Grafen technology