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RE: The Top 5 Most Disruptive Technologies of the Next Decade (Part 2)

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I think VR will defently be the most revolutionary in the near future (5-10 years). I'm talking Sword Art Online and Ready Player One type of shit. Where most people are in VR most of the time. Maybe whilst in such a complex and powerfull machine we could dilute time and therefore live a lot longer (inside VR).


I was hoping the Oculus would take off, but they just had to drop the price yet again.

I don't see how you get VR adoption in 5 years with the current average system tech level. Where does the CPU/GPU horsepower come from, and what is the product? I don't think Oculus/Vive are proving themselves.

I think with companies like Apple and Microsoft entering the scene, the development in AR and VR will be much faster now. We will see that in 5 years, this will finally start to go mainstream.

Do you think it's practical for mid-grade, or maybe even onboard graphics, to run VR in the near future? If it could run on a near toaster, by PC standards, that would help a lot.

With custom made chips for AR/VR, it is very possible. With the ability to make processors at 7nm technology now, and 5nm in the coming years, I think it will be a big possibility. The only bottleneck I see is of battery life which could be solved with distance wireless charging which is about to see an introduction too.

Yes, it is one of the revolutionary technologies that is set to change a lot of things. I actually wrote about it in the Part 1 of this post. Do check it out!

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