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RE: Playing video games can pay big

in #technology6 years ago

Kinda an extension of the debate as to whether e-sports are equivalent to sports--the use of scholarships, were it to become widespread, would give e-sports a lot of legitimacy in the eyes of non-fans. (Of course, that may lead to a NCAA-like system where the kids are underpaid for what they do, but that's a ways down the line)

Thanks for the content.


That raises an interesting question. Should a popular esports player be taken under scholarship by some university, would they have to forgo their potential earnings from streaming? Definitely an interesting development.

That's a really good point... student athletes definitely are not aloud to get paid unless it's a stipend.

Jay Bilas's commentary regarding the NCAA commission's recommendations is relevant, I think. The NCAA has no plans to change the current model that leaves the athletes severely undercompensated while lining the pockets of everybody else--if e-sports were to fall under the purview of either NCAA or a new org that acts like it, you'd assume this debate would get even larger.

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