Will Future Warfare Be Like Playing Video Games?

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In my last post, I wrote about how the US and many other countries in the world, are now focusing on advanced weaponry that includes directed energy weapons. These weapons are going to usher in an era of warfare that we only get to see in movies.

That made me think. If we are really headed towards a high-tech warfare future, which I think we are, things can take a really weird turn. For soldiers, warfare in the future could be like playing video games.

That is already true in some instances. Unmanned drones are controlled remotely by soldiers based on what they see on a monitor which gets its feed from the onboard cameras and sensors. You might have seen videos of soldiers carrying out attack using drones, and it looks exactly like playing a video game.

As more and more military fighting vehicles get the unmanned tech, it is only logical that these will be controlled remotely, as doing so wouldn't risk a soldier's life. The latest on this front, comes from Israel, who are reportedly building remote controlled futuristic tanks.

Israel's Futuristic Tank

Israel seems to be ramping up their efforts to modernise their military tech and so, to this end, they contracted three defense manufacturers to design three different versions of their Carmel advanced armored fighting vehicle program, three years ago.

On Sunday, they finally demonstrated all three versions of their tank of the future. Out of the three only one had the functionality of controlling a tank with an X-Box style game controller. It is pretty impressive that killer vehicles that cost anything from millions of dollars to even billions, can be controlled with a customised game controller.

This has many advantages for the military. Of course, they are much safer than being on the battlefield. Also, since the whole experience is much like playing a video game, the soldiers can take advantage of several other technologies. This can include, a map on the screen of the immediate area where their tranks are tracked with gps. Planned routes and danger zones can be marked on the map too.

An overhead flying drone could give the soldiers a 360, wider angle view so they can see the enemy approaching from miles away. The more one talks about it, the more it feels like playing a video game. I guess, that's the future of warfare after all.

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