What If We Could Store Our Memories & Play Them Like Movies?

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There are several mysteries about our own bodies that we haven’t been able to solve yet and that is something I find weirdly ironic. I mean, not knowing about what you are made of is a huge limitation that nature has placed on us.

Things like dreaming, consciousness, presence of different blood types, purpose of fingerprints and some small organs in the body and various other phenomena are still not understood by us fully.

Thankfully scientists are constantly trying to make sense of all the inner (and outer) workings of the human body. Memory is one such phenomena that is being studied deeply and not just to understand it but being able to enhance it and really make use of it for various applications.

One such recurring application of our memories is to be able to record them digitally and play them like we would play movies on a screen. Achieving this would surely be a feat of a kind and something that could revolutionise several industries.

A World Changing Feat?


Being able to store your memories onto any medium kind of ensures a sort of digital immortality. It would be like a backup of your brain and the next best thing to being able to upload your consciousness.

It could have a world of impact in the field of medicine where patients who lose their memory due to a trauma could be able to replay all of their memories to learn who they are.

It could help solve (and confirm) any sort of crimes by peering into the memories of criminals. Of course, this would also entail a world of privacy issues as well.

It could also help solve disputes among two people as they could simply revisit the memory of the situation in question. I see many, many applications in the education sector as well. Also, how great would it be for science, research and development if the most important memories of great scientists could be preserved for generations to come?

Mentions In The Fictional World


Storing and viewing of a person’e memory has been sort of a recurring theme in the fictional world. The first one ever that I remember is that of the Harry Potter movies wherein Professor Dumbledore had a pensieve where he used to revisit old memories.

In Black Mirror (science fiction TV series), there was an episode where detectives were shown using a memory box which could play out a person’s memories as a video clip which helped them solve cases.

But it’s only in the fictional world that this is possible. Scientists have been trying to do this in the real world for decades now and sometimes we read reports here and there of breakthroughs in this regard though nothing concrete has been developed yet.

I guess it will still take a few more decades before we will be able to do this. Imagine being able to record your dreams. Now that will be something else, wouldn’t it?

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I really like the idea of being able to keep our memories like in a movie, however I think that humans already do it but we do not know how to use it. thinking of Alzheimer's patients, these people clearly remember what they experienced in their children, including some of very premature ages and yet they are not able to remember what they did a minute ago.
Excellent post invites a reflection
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts
I wish you a beautiful afternoon


The Alzheimer's patiens are not able to remember what they did in few moments earlier because their brain do not produce new brain cells which are responsible for this kind of "new memories". They can remember their childhood like you said due to older cells which were creating all their life. I'm not an expert or something on this topic i know that stuff because of my grandmas brain illness which is strongly connected with Alzheimer :D cheers mate !


Yeah, if we could store our memories in a digital format, we could even play them in our laptops and that could be really useful for people who have memory problems and also for Alzheimer's patients.

Thanks for your kind words man! Have a great one :)

It really is a fascinating thought but we humans have been known to exploit fantastic innovations...
It could lead to a lot of positives but the negatives may outweighs it...
Just imagine somewhen hacking our memories and taking out all the information we have...
Then again everything has positives and negatives...
Excellent post...loved reading it :)


Technology is always a doubled-edged sword and this technology, if it ever becomes a reality, will be the same. As always, it is upon the people to decide how to use it. I am sure that this kind of tech could see a public use only after the governments allow it after certain regulations that provide for privacy protection of the users.


Yes..and also hope that the government doesn't use this against their own people without their knowledge...
Things could get really complicated but I can't wait to see what the future holds for us within the next 10 years...
Exciting times for sure :)

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Thanks for this :)

Wao this article if that is really original and generates a totally true controversy that perhaps we have never asked but that is so true, incredible friend my congratulations and vote


Hello @sauravrungta it can happen ?


I think so!

I don't think it will take long for scientists to also learn how to delete and implant memory, if this is ever achieved. Did I see this in a movie(s) once? :) Interesting read thanks for posting.


That is quite plausible. One can only hope that we don't misuse this tech. Only time will tell.

Memories on demand, in full HD and Surround Sound, would be a mixed blessing.
I think that having full access to memories would lead to spending an extensive time immersed in good times of the past -- possibly to the point of losing touch with the present.
Perhaps our memories fade with time for good reason.


You make an excellent point. Maybe that's why memories fade and only the feelings of the memories remain long term. Such a technology could be an escape from reality for people.

God is not someone we can mimic 100%. Recording our memory might be very simple if only God wants it to happen. So when man tries God thinks how necessary it is.


There are several things we have achieved that people used to say could only happen if God wants it to. Like being able to talk to anyone in the world at any time. Technology and Science have a habit of making seemingly impossible things possible.