Smart Contact Lenses - The Future of Computing?

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One thing that we've all probably noticed is that technological progress, at least in the consumer electronics space, constantly leads to ever more simplified, refined, miniaturised and powerful devices at cheaper costs.

I had read somewhere that technology will always drive something to its most minimalistic form until it can no longer do so. We've witnessed this with so many things that we use commonly today and give no second thought about but which were once too complicated to even be called useful.

One prime example of that is computers. Once upon a time, computers used to be as large as entire buildings and they used to consume an insane amount of electricity. Fast forward a few decades and now we have a good enough computer on our wrists. From huge computers, to small desktops to laptops to smartphones/tablets to smartwatches, the evolution of computer has been a pretty significant one.

This leaves us with a question. What's next? What could possibly be more refined and smaller than a smartwatch? Well, how about a smart contact lens? Something that would enable computing anytime you need, right within your field of vision.

AR Powered Smart Contact Lenses


The idea of smart contact lenses is exactly as it sounds. Basically you will be able to wear these and suddenly you will have access to all your computing and information needs within your field of vision. They will harness the power of Augmented Reality to do away with the need of any screens and will overlay digital elements in front of you with which you can interact with gestures.

Computers are increasingly becoming more intimate and I think this is as far as it can get without actually integrating with them or embedding them inside of us through implants and what not.

If chips and batteries can get tiny enough, which given enough time, they will, we wouldn't even need any other device for our computing needs. Maybe just a small additional accessory would be needed for enhanced functions or features that we would carry around in conjuction with the smart lenses.

In a more futuristic version of the idea, smart lenses could even give the user superhuman vision and apparently the US army is researching heavily into this. This would mean that we would be able to take photos and videos whenever we wanted with a blink of an eye and keep a record of our entire lives.

Smart lenses could also have medical sensors on them so that you could have all your health data right there when you need it. Basically anything that you can do with a phone today could be done with a smart lens. If that isn't the ultimate simplication of computing tech, I don't know what is!


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