Apple Vs Facebook: Tim Cook Slams Facebook For Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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In the world of high tech gadgets and the internet that connects them all, we are sharing more of our lives with the world than ever, posting our pictures, thoughts, life events and more for everyone to see.

In fact, the millennial generation literally grew alongside the growth of social media itself. Social media today has become synonymous with the internet itself where for most people, using the internet means using social media.

Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest players in this space but Facebook is of course, the juggernaut with its ownership of not only Facebook but also Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram. In simple words, Facebook owns the world’s online social media.

When a single entity handles the data of billions of people worldwide, it is natural for people to question how their privacy is being protected and if they can trust it completely. In the wake of the recent scandal, it seems like we cannot!

Tim Cook Slams Facebook

From TODAY's Youtube Channel

In a recent interview, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, criticised Facebook for what happened, stating that, that would never have happened with Apple as they value their customer’s privacy to the highest degree.

In fact, Cook has said on previous occasions as well that “if a service is available to you for free, you are the product” which is true as companies like Facebook and Google make profits by selling information about the customers to advertisers.

Cook also has stated before that since Apple makes money upfront by selling products and services (which we all know are overpriced), they do not need to sell the information of their customers.

Adhering to strict privacy rules is also said to be the reason why Apple’s Siri lacks behind its competitors as it doesn’t use customers’ data to make it more intelligent as a virtual assistant. But it also makes for better security practices as the customer’s biometrics and even health data are stored locally on their devices.

Can Privacy Exist In The Internet Infused World?


I have always known that privacy is just not possible in a world where we willingly share so much of our daily lives and even intimate details online where even if that data is kept safe, it can be accessed by hackers.

We use so many services and devices that our digital footprint is just growing by the day and all of that is being tracked in one way or the other. Of course we benefit from it in various ways but we are also signing off our privacy as a result.

When I search for something on Google or Amazon or even have conversation about it with a friend, and it immediately shows up on my Facebook feed, I know for certain that privacy is just a concept in the internet infused world of today.

Although Mark Zuckerberg is stating again and again that they still care about the users and they are the top priority for them, I just can’t help feel that I am a product for them who is consistently sold other products!

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Crazy that they take such little care to protect there users info


Yeah, it's really crazy!

Time to change social media with crypto social networks like Steemit and WidSpark!


Yes!! Times are changing for sure.

This is why Apple is one of my favorites techno companies, and when Cook said that we are the product if something is offered for free its totally right.

I really think people who value privacy, and especially if those people are involved with crypto, that rhey should use Apple products, they are simply more secure and work fantastic.


I never felt that they are overpriced. Compared to any other product available in the market, they are always better.

Love my macbook, iphone and apple watch.


They are considered overpriced in the sense that in the same price, people can get much better spec'd devices, especially for laptops.

But yeah, the price maybe justified for all the value they add, like privacy, quality, customer service (which is just awesome), and that most of the times, these devices just work! I too love my Apple devices and wouldn't even think about switching to other platforms.


Yes, well said. That's why Apple has some of the most loyal fans because of this reason and a lot more. Tim Cook, I think hit the nail right on the head with that one. Of course if you are being given something for free, you have to ask yourself how that other person would survive in a free market?

I agree that Apple products are more secure and still work very well compared to a lot of the other ones.

Good post. Very useful to everyone. Thanks to information. I like it

Hi sauravungta,

Your last statement sums up what I agree with you.

I just can’t help feel that I am a product for them who is consistently sold other products!

I quit using Facebook and focus on for entertaiment and learning and earning.


Yeah, I totally understand. Blockchain will come to the rescue for all of us :D


For sure. I am glad for and Block chain Tech.

"since Apple makes money upfront by selling products and services (which we all know are overpriced), they do not need to sell the information of their customers." THIS. The same is true for Microsoft as well. Which is why I'm glad that all these years I've used only Microsoft products and services.


yeah exactly. I mean if someone is offering you something for free, you gotta ask yourself some really basic questions, like.... why? How does that other person survive in the market? What's in it for them?

That's why everyone loves their iphone and macbook, but fakebook is starting to gain a lot of heat by the people.


It sure is. It is getting into more and more scandals now and I for one is enjoying all the backlash because they deserve it. Anybody who lies deserves this fate.

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The title had me prayin for a literal slamming. A beatdown of epic proportions. 10/10 disappointed.

Nice article doe. I liked the Tim Cook quote, “if a service is available to you for free, you are the product”.
Great paradigm to be aware of.



Yeah, I had hoped Tim Cook would shame facebook a lot more than he did. But the full interview is yet to come out and who knows he actually does that!


I'll be praying 🙏👊

My frustration with Facebook started when I realized they were tracking my every click, my every internet movement. I happened to do a quick search for a shoe that I like and then I was bombarded with advertisements for that shoe on my Facebook feed. This is when I started to reduce my Facebook interactions and since I have found Steemit I am a ghost on facebook. I wish I could take back all that they have.


I too realised that they were tracking my every click but unfortunately that realisation came late. I was shocked that this was even possible and that they were actually doing it! And then those frustrating ads! Oh my god. So frustrating. Yeah, Steemit and the blockchain will free the world of these problems, I hope :)

Very helpful writing for contemporary controversy! Thanks for your appreciate opinion.


Thank you :)

it's not the first time there has been privacy issues with facebook, i last heard..


Yup that's true!