Inventions That Can Revolutionise the world.

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Now a days every day a new product is invented and these inventions may or may not change the way of living for humanity, I've picked some of the unique inventions that can soon change the world, All of these inventions have already been created but some of them are yet to hot international market....So without any further water off time let's begin -- HERE ARE THE INVENTIONS THAT CAN CHANGE THE WAY OF LIVING FOR HUMANS.

Water To Wine Glass 🍷

A scientists from Singapore invented a glass that can change the flavor and color of the drink he called the glass Vocktail. This glass has it's own mobile app through which you can control the settings for the liquid inside the glass. Pretty cool right 🍷 🍷

Auto Toothbrush

A scientist invented a toothbrush that will clean your teeth all by itself you don't have to do a thing. The toothbrush is called Amabrush, it can brush your teeth more cleaner than a regular toothbrush and you'll be amazed to know that it does all the toothbrushing in under 10 seconds, all you have to do is to put it in your mouth and connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth and search it on. Now I guess we can all speed while brushing our teeth 😂😂😂

Speech To Text Pendent

This an inventions that I believe can change the world it's called Senstone, it can be attached to clothes or hung on one’s neck, it looks like an pendant. You just have to click one button and the device will start transforming speech into text it has 97% precision. I know It’s a dream for all students 😍😍 students don’t have to write down lecture notes cause the pendant will write it down for you and you'll be happy to know that it can understand 12 languages😘😘.

Mat Alarm


This magic mat is called Ruggie it is meant for those who can’t wake up with a regular alarm clock. You can't deactivate the alarm easily , you have to step on it with both feet for 3 or more seconds. This standing process is enough for a person to wakeup from his comfort zone.

Pancake Printer

Scientist have designed a 3d printer in such a way that it can print pancakes of various designs of your choice is called PancakeBot
It can literally draw anything in Pancake, now I bet Kids will eat their future pancakes with a real😂😂.

Filtering Straw

It's a special type of straw called LifeStraw it filters and removes 99.9% of bacteria and 96.2% of viruses(wooow). It was initially created for the people living in developing countries who don't have enough fresh clean water. However, this device became very popular among world travelers. You can use this device to drink water from a river or a lake. It can be useful when you are not sure of the quality of the water you are drinking. It's a very useful thing that should be owned by every human being.

Helping Caps

Braskem company collaborated with American and Brazilian scientists to create a type of plastic that can change its color depending on рН levels of the product. It's still under development, but we can all Soon see for ourselves how fresh the milk in a supermarket really is. This inventions will really help all the women mostly mother's in the world.

E-Ink Tattoo Machine😮😮

This is an awesome invention called moodINQ it was invented to revolutionize the world of tattoos. It is uses a special type of layer/canvas that has to be implanted in your skin. Then you can upload a design to it. You can change the design or erase it whenever you want👌. Now you can even keep your grocery list on your arm😂😂. If it hits the international market I'm sure it will be the best seller. 😎

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Very neat inventions here - I'm inspired :D
Thank you for sharing
...oh and which one I want the most? I like the text to speech pendant.

Mine too and I also liked tattoo machine

I think the best one is Filtering Straw. It is very useful and inspiring! But it can be improved. I am an engineer so I really love these things :)

Yes it very interesting how our world of technology is evolving

good article bro @samueljohn1999
i hope you like this my post article

Thanks, I'll definitely check your post

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