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I’m not sure how many others of you out there are like me that primarily use your smart phone to browse and write posts for Steemit. Personally, I spend around 99% of my time online using my smart phone. And if you are like me, no doubt you would have experienced some frustrations with the typing experience if you’ve had to write long posts.

In search of the most comfortable Bluetooth keyboard

So for a long time I’ve used a Bluetooth keyboard to speed up my typing on the phone, but until recently I’ve struggled to find a keyboard that is as comfortable as a desktop keyboard. The Bluetooth keyboard that I’ve been using previously was the Logitech k810, which is very compact and light. It met my needs in terms of it’s size and ability to carry it around easily. But as I’ve started writing more posts on Steemit, I’ve noticed that after typing for a long time, my wrists would get saw. This bothered me as I had a previous manager who developed RSI from typing too much.

So I started looking for a more comfortable Bluetooth keyboard

After reading some reviews online, I came across the Logitech K780 bluetooth keyboard.

Unlike most Bluetooth keyboards out there, the Logitech K780 is a full-sized desktop layout Bluetooth keyboard. It is extremely comfortable, and allows you to place your smart phone or tablet on its integrated rubber cradle. It connects to PCs, phones and tablets that support external keyboards, and allows you to easily switch between devices.

It has significantly improved my typing experience, and I highly recommend it.


所以不久前我开始使用蓝牙键盘来加快手机上的打字速度,但直到最近,我一直在努力寻找一款像桌面键盘一样舒适的键盘。我以前使用的蓝牙键盘是Logitech k810,它非常紧凑轻巧。它满足了我的需要,它的大小和容易携带的能力。但是当我开始在Steemit上写更多的帖子时,我注意到打字很长时间后,我的手腕就会开始痛。

所以我开始寻找一个更舒适的蓝牙键盘.在网上阅读了一些评论后,我找到了Logitech K780蓝牙键盘.

它与大多数蓝牙键盘不同,Logitech K780是全尺寸桌面蓝牙键盘。它非常舒适,并允许您将手机或平板电脑放在架上。它支持PC,手机和平板电脑,并允许您轻松地在设备之间切换。


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Yah Logistic is good company and has many different products. I recommend you to try Logistic Mouse is very cool and high quality.

Nice post! I never used this keyboard, but i have friends who have also this keyboard, and they are very happy with it, really! I think Logitech is a good brand for a mouse, a keyboard, and also a webcam!


How is the weight?? Does it feel durable??

Yes it feels very durable. The weight is slightly heavy, so not suitable for carrying around, but very solid and great to keep on a desk.

Awesome thanx. I really hate when you order something and it feels like a mcdonalds toy. Great post

I have got one
Very good

Great ! & comfortable to use

For wireless keyboards and mice, I always go with logitech. Their products are built to last and I've never really had any issues.

Totally agree. Logitech products are great.

I am always trying to use my smart phone to browse steemit via esteem, but really i find it quite difficult as it freezes so often!
I've also tried posting from there, but man...what a complication. To write is just a nightmare. But with this tool you share, it can really help a lot.
Thanks so much for sharing such info.

I find browsing on the phone not too bad, but posting with the phone is definitely much better with a bluetooth keybaord in my opinion.

Oh wow! This is great - I was actually looking for something like this :) I type a lot on my phone and this might be the best solution for it!

If you type a lot on your phone, then a bluetooth keyboard is definitely the way to go. Just depends on whether you prefer a smaller, more portable keybaord like the Logitech K810, or a more comfortable one like this one. But regardless, in my opinion, Logitech keyboards are the best bluetooth keyboards out there.


I am looking for this. Before I bought one of these but different made and brand, it work fine android TV but never on mobile and tablet. Did you install any third party software.

No I didn't have to install any software. The bluetooth automatically found each other and I only needed to type the password that showed up on my phone.

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Hallo world

Good advice. It is true that it looks comfortable. Thank you.

it's a great product ...this product use we make our life comfortable ,it's a verry usefull for us

I'm glad you liked that keyboard, maybe I'll try it

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