Raspberry Pi Idea and Looking for Parts

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Morning Steemers,

I hope everyone is well today.

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I was meant to draw this morning, I've got a few designs I need to sketch out. Forget that though it is not coming up with something to make using a raspberry pi.

I have, what I believe to be a really cool piece of tech that I'd like to make for myself. Tech idea remaining un titled for the time being so I can't really say anything until it is named. That said while developing the idea it has come to my attention I will need a hell of a lot of parts.

So this morning instead of doing maybe what I should have done I've gone and search the net for all the various parts I can think of off the top of my head, excluding the Pi.

I've come across the website http://uk.rs-online.com and after a long search around I have found nearly every part that came to mind. With a decent range of options per part.

Most of it is various wires and connectors, I then got into meters, bench psu's and I started feeling as though I need a full time job just so that I can make it a reality.

I am currently a part time tutor maths and science while working as a freelance graphic designer/web developer. I live with an unstable income and spend much time hunting for work. So to help ease my life, balance my income and make this a reality it is onto my CV and job hunting, I'll probably look for something in IT.

I want the tech for myself but if it all goes well and others like it and once I've got my own maybe it'll be made a reality for everybody. Who knows for now I'll forcus on getting a job, getting the parts and getting the first model/prototype made.

I'll still have time to draw and code(code hopefully considering I'll need to look into an operating system and possibly have to contact an old friend about starting an LFS project).

Until next time

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