Useful application of Computer and ICT

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stock-photo-accessible-welcome-greeting-welcoming-approachable-access-enter-available-concept-643458892 (1).jpgUseful application of Computer and ICT:

As science has enriched knowledge, so did our life much easier and dynamic. Every day we use different types of equipment. Basically all of this is contributing to science. Some of the most popular discoveries in our daily life have been invented, which have made the greatest impact on human life. Likewise a wonderful invention computer Computer inventions have brought a revolutionary change in human life. Havard Iken, the breakthrough founder of this computer. The desktop computer was first introduced to people in 1974. Later in 1981, Adam Ashbourne discovered the laptop.

The computer has lots of uses. | Its unique use in many areas, from home to business, scientific, etc. On top of all, it brings unique revolution It is also a unique partner in medical and human welfare In a word, the computer is a machine capable of almost all the work.

Use of Geography Computer:

GIS Computer: Computer is used for GIS technology. In this technology, various data is added to the map with the help of computer.

At present it has been associated with IT Communication ie communication. Communicating with IT developed a belief that opened to everyone a new horizon. Information and communication technology developed with the support of data accessibility, free access, etc. It is usually used to exchange information or communicate information using technology, information and communication technology (ICT). And for this purpose, innovation is being invented for various types of technology products. These data are being taken at the hand of the people, so the communication is becoming easier and easier.


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