My new computer, with AMD Ryzen 7 1700

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Hi everyone,

Today has been a special day for me as I finally received my ASUS PRIME B350M motherboard. The CPU I got is the AMD Ryzen 7 1700.

Let's take a look at the motherboard:

The motherboard came in this box:

Let's see some more images:


When I opened the box, there was the motherboard:

When I took the motherboard out, we can see it came with 2 SATA cable, the M.2 screw, the backplate, the instruction manual and a driver CD (but I downloaded the drivers from the ASUS website):

Finally, here we can see the motherboard out of the Anti Static Bag:


Opening the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 box, we find this:


Opening the AMD Wraith Spire cooler box:

We can see that the cooler came with preapplied thermal paste:

I forgot to take pictures of the motherboard with the CPU and fan installed, but you'll see the full build below XD.


The RAM I'm using is a 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4 2400Mhz:

The GPU:

I'm using and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB. This one:

The fans:

The fans are an Arctic F8, Arctic F12 and the stock cooler

The Power Supply:

The PSU is an EVGA 600W.

The Optical Units:

The optical units are both Lite-On. A Lite-On iHAS524 with SmartErase and LabelTag, and an iHBS112 which is a Blu-Ray drive.

The Hard Disk:

I'm currently using a Western Digital 1TB hard disk drive. I will later upgrade to a Solid State disk.

This is how the front of the PC looks:

The cable you see there is the power cable. I had to take out the front panel because the fan could not get enough air. Without the front panel there is more airflow.

The built PC:

This is the final result:


I chose the ASUS High Performance profile in the BIOS. This boosted the CPU from the stock 3.00Ghz to 3.30Ghz.


Here is a multi-threaded benchmark:
Ryzen benchmark.png

Running BOINC:

BOINC is a software used to participate in Distributed Computing projects and it a perfect software to put the CPU into stress, as it will utilize 100% of the CPU if set to use 100% of the system resources.

Here you can see BOINC using the 16 CPU threads:
BOINC Ryzen.png

Here you can see the Task Manager showing 100% of CPU usage:
BOINC Task Manager.png

And finally, here is the temperature:
Ryzen Master.png

I'll do some rendering tests later by using CyberLink PowerDirector and Nero Video, which are the softwares I use to produce videos.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching the images in this article! Let me know if you own a Ryzen CPU, what motherboard you have and if it works great for you :)

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Thank you!! So far I'm liking this system :)

That is pretty snazzy , you deserve it! The boinc screen shot is awesome...


Thank you! I added another fan to the side window panel as intake. The temperature went some 3-5 degrees down.

NICE. Congratulations. But you must tell us, how many btc you do in a period of a week. Is it worth the investment to mine btc? Thank you!


First its Gridcoin, not Bitcoin, you can't mine Bitcoin with CPU (well, you can, but you won't see anything).
Second: If it is worth depends mostly on your energy prices, which projects you do and of course when you sell ;)
In most cases, if you buy just for the "mining" you will lose money on current prices. If you run the computer anyway and just take 50 more Watt on that CPU for Gridcoin...
And then there are people who pay electricity with their rent anyway, so whatever they use, they don't pay more.


A few more words to LennStar comments, BTC Mining doesn't help humanity. With BOINC and Gridcoin, I'm contributing to a better world by running helpful projects like World Community Grid while also earning rewards. With Bitcoin, it is just a waste of electricity.

Ahaha, you beat me!
Same Processor, same Motherboard.
edit: seems steemit does not allow bigger pictures in comment, so here the link: CLICK
I took projects which have same WU length for comparison and WCG because its many different projects in one. So you can see where your CPU ranks in total power!


But the temperature is really high!! I have slowed down the fan and the Ryzen Master says 61-62°C
Your voltage is more then 0.1V higher then mine. Maybe forget the additional 100MHz and start the boards auto-energy management? That saved 3-5W under Prime95 for me for just a click in the BIOS.

Same CPU as u but a better motherboard ha! :P

Whats ur current hashrate and how many coins do you get /day/week/monthly?


Hashrate? That doesn't exists when you mine Gridcoin 🙂