The Week Was Awesome 5 Apr

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Yesterday Google Maps said it would take me 30 minutes to reach home. It took me 1.5 hours. But that’s OK, I spent the time thinking about how awesome you all are.

1. Into the Status-sphere
A very (long) interesting blogpost that compares our social status with cryptocurrencies and ICOs. No, I’m not taking drugs.

2. What’s New with Big Blue: X doesn’t always mark the spot
Why is everyone so married to x86 servers? Is there a better way? Find out here!

3. Game of Drones
IOT just got a whole lot more dangerous. Did anyone out there know somebody tried to “off” a South American head of state with a drone?

4. Cooking the books
My ol’ pal Steven (Malaysian Institute of Accountants council member) paints the future of accounting in an AI and Digital World. Check out his thoughts here:

5. What Kenvi learned this week: Any way you slice it
Anybody eaten sandwiches from a deli lately? How was it cut? Was it diagonally (triangles) or in half (rectangles)? Who decided to cut sandwiches into triangles? And why? This week, I found out!
And there is a surprising amount of research that went into the ultimate sandwich shape.

I bought my friend an elephant for his room. He said “Thanks!” I said “Don’t mention it.”


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