What are the specifications of Laptop that you need before buying?

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Everybody uses his or her laptop for distinct purposes. Hence, you would need to be clear on your purpose for purchasing a laptop before you set out to go for one. For instance, I'm a serious gamer. So If I were to go out today to buy a laptop, I would probably go for a laptop with a high-end graphics card like the Nvidia GTX series and a very fast Central processing unit ( CPU) coupled with huge Gigs of RAM and an SSD storage. Such machinery is expensive but worth the price because of its high performance. Such machineries are also used for editing videos and pictures. Hence, they are also good for Editors. On the other hand, if you only want to purchase a laptop for school purposes such as typing assignment with office word, watching movies etc then you would be just okay with a low-end laptop with spacious HDD or SSD. Such laptops are very affordable compared to the the high-end ones, although performance-wise they are far behind. In summary, the specification of the laptop you would want to buy must match your purpose for buying it in the first place.

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