Weekly Technology Curation & SDB Giveaway #014

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Here are five of my favorite technology posts from the past week. All upvotes from the @msp-curation account went out on Wednesday. Please take the time to visit the content listed. While they are not required to be minnows, my goal is to focus on such members when possible.

Let's share some nerd-love to our fellow tech & science Steemians!

  1. Innocent Bystandards Selling Our Freedom For Cheap Thrills by @honeydue
  2. How To Install An IPFS Nod An A Virtual Private Server by @gray00
  3. The Modern Technology Called Bluetooth Was Named After A Powerful Viking King Called Harald Bluetooth by @blinks
  4. I'm Super Excited About THe Upcoming Ubuntu Mate 18.04 Release by @matthewdavid
  5. Were Cryptocurrencies Created by the Illuminati? by @louisthomas

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Lol so I crypto allegedly formed by the Illuminati is really making news. Well it's too late now, we're already hooked

A big thanks to you @jrswab and @msp-curation for your support. I am so happy and I really do appreciate this.

Thank you so much for the shout-out and support, much appreciated!