New AI Possibilities: Google Think?

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A Next-Gen Proposal

What if, when you needed to know or do something, all you had to do was think it. A world where thinking becomes the new typing. This is how I came up with the idea for Google Think.

Google Think would be AI in your mind, almost like having someone else in your head. This AI would be like your co-pilot and your body would be the plane. Your co-pilot AI would be there for you 24/7 to do anything you wanted.
Here are a few examples of what I think it would be able to do.

Google Think could install a new language to your mind.

Google Think could use your eyes as cameras and store what you see.
Google Think could connect you to your social networks.
Need to send Bitcoin? Google Think has got you covered.
Here Google Think is taking over someone's body and taking it for a run.
Need to get to sleep and do tax returns? Do them at the same time.
Wifi will most likely be gone when this tech hits the market. But it proves my point.

Rethinking How We Think

A big question is how would we do this? There are a lot of promising AI experiments like Google’s Deepmind and AIBrain. But we have not created full AI yet (a mind inside a computer that can think on its own). Once we have built real AI, the next big problem is how we would get it into our minds? One of the possible ways is with nano-bots that can be injected into our bodies. Although nano-bots are a few years off, theoretically we should be able to use them to build AI inside our minds.

This sounds great but the biggest turn offs for this idea will be privacy. Google already has a track record showing a lack of privacy. How would people be able to trust them putting AI inside their minds? My idea for solving this is by decentralizing the AI from Google once put into someone's mind.

Because of how AI works you will never need to get an update from Google because your AI would be able to update itself. This sounds quite scary but is a really awesome thing because it will make every AI every different. This would also mean everyone's AI would have different features.

(Image from
But what’s stopping someone from hacking your mind, stealing your information or taking over your body. Obviously, there will need to be checks and balances within the AI so only you can allow access and control and the AI doesn’t have access to parts of your nervous system without your permission. There are also potential privacy controls. Remember Google Glass and the concerns with people recording in inappropriate places?

There could also be great benefits from this technology because of the powerful tools AI could provide to its user. This could help people with addictions, mental health problems, improve users fitness and help people sleep better. It could enable people to remember far more, wake up when you need to, never miss an appointment. These are just a few of the amazing things AI could bring us.

Overall this is a scary but also an awesome idea. I think there is definitely a possibility of this happening, I guess we'll just wait and see. I would love to know what you think of this, so please leave any thoughts in the comments below. I will be sure to reply. If you enjoyed reading this please, leave an upvote to support me.

With all the pros and cons of this technology, would you personally get put into your brain? Tell me in the comments I would love to know your reasoning.

Thank you Steemit



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There will be a day where someone will just live our lives for us!

interesting concept @joshtristram I think there will be more and more integrations between digital and physic, especially in medicine. Seems that brain access and connectivity will be very difficult, since we hardly know how the brain works at this point. If you haven't read it, you should check out How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil.

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I would never, never, never trust a company to have direct access to my brain. I cannot even trust Facebook to have notification power on my phone, how could I ever give a corporation brain access?

What if your brain chip provider gets sold off to another, shittier company? One day you wake up and you have some new opinions installed into your brain - don't worry, you can remove them, just pay $10,000 for the premium package.

It brings this to mind:

Good post by the way, I just don't share your optimism!

Cool video. Did you see the part about removing connections to google after the AI placed.

Yeah, sure... just like they promise not to spy on me with my laptop camera or iphone :-).

I'm not that paranoid of a guy, but even for me I figure if a major corporation / powerful group CAN use technology to monitor and control people, they will.

Interesting concept but a bit on the scary side I don't think I would want to be that connected. We all have that crazy thought every so often and if it happen while you where connected like sitting next to your girl and you admire her friends ass that could be really but cool

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