Facial Recognition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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The Japanese technology and communications multinational NEC, prepares a high speed facial recognition system, will be used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to guarantee the safety of the 300,000 athletes, staff members and journalists. This system, which will only need 0.3 seconds to verify the identity, will be installed at the entrance of the 43 facilities of the competition, in addition to the Olympic Village and the press centers, but will not be applied to the spectators, they will pass through conventional controls.

How will it work? The facial recognition will confirm the identity by comparing the face of the user with the recorded photo on the chip of his accreditation card. The new system will prevent the use of borrowed, forged or stolen ID cards.

Tsuyoshi Iwashita, director of security for Tokyo 2020, said that for facilities that are spread out in and out of the capital it would be a big burden to try to achieve high levels of security.

"By introducing the facial recognition system we hope to achieve high levels of safety, efficiency and smooth operation in the security controls before entry," he said, adding that the system will contribute to a less stressful environment for athletes.

Do you think that this measure is the necessary complement to take to the maximum level of security in the biggest sporting events in the world?

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Project by @knircky and @famunger

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It is always safe to have more surveillance during big events. Make sense as there are a lot of people around. Thanks.

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If I think it is necessary, I hope you start marketing it sooner since it would be a better way to prove its good use.
Well, although I assume that this news is also part of that acceptance test in the market

Facial recognition has already been used so with this being implemented in the games is really a good idea and definitely improve the security.

Japan is the land of new technology as well as old. They love new tech but stick with old as well. A beautiful mix of the two.

We are getting close to 1984 dystopia