Electric GT, electric motors that more closely resemble internal combustion classics.

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Greetings, this time the post is not about IA, but for those of us who are fans of the automotive world and technology will like (or so I assume). For no one is a mystery that in many countries there are environmental laws against CO2 emissions that are increasingly gaining ground and not so much this but how strict they have become and what is yet to become.

As I mentioned before, these laws can make a big difference in the automotive world, because with the passing of time they will make impossible the circulation of many models that can be from the most common and basic to those ultra rare and exotic.

And whoever has so much taste/love with their car, no matter what model or cost they own, will leave their car parked there just for a few simple laws, which would imply that the car would only serve (in the case of exotics) to be in a museum and nothing else. Many of us enjoy driving, so this would be the salvation of those who want to keep their cars in time, despite the laws of CO2 emissions.

And the salvation comes from a company called Electric GT, based in the United States, more specifically in Chatsworth California. They have set themselves the goal of making a modular electric motor, watch out and not just any motor, since they surely know or have read/listen to the fact that there are several companies on the market that make such transformations.

Source: Electric GT Youtube Channel

Electric GT is distinguished from the rest by the particularity that they are not specified exclusively in a model and already, which is what their competitors do. In one of my previous post (this one specifically (in spanish) ) I tell about the transformation of a Jaguar E-Type. 

Source: OnAllCylinders.com (Reference image of an LS engine)  

For this, the solution they propose is the following, to make a "standard" engine that is widely used in the automotive world, and they will ask themselves which engine would be the one they took from the model, because nothing more and nothing less than a Chevrolet LS, if you read well, that V8 that we all know, widely used in muscle cars and in almost any car to which you want to increase the horsepower exponentially (thanks to the ability to add turbochargers, or superchargers).

Source: StanceIsEverything.com (Mazda Miata MX-5 with LS swap)  

You will say that few cars are equipped with an LS under their hood, that's where you're wrong, because in the LS is widely used in all its variants in racing cars (such as Formula Drift, acceleration races or "Drags," etc.) restorations of classic models and anyone who is willing to mount such a block on his car.

The block designed by Electric GT is just a few millimeters larger, as it has 863mm in length (the widths were not provided), while the GM has dimensions of 730mm in length and about 628mm in width.

Source: Giphy

I imagine that throughout the reading you would have asked yourself the following questions, what would an electric motor in the form of V8 be like, because it is not bad, aesthetically it keeps a lot of the figure of the original V8. Surely in the same way the most important, Is it as powerful as the LS, how many horses does it throw? At the moment they have only managed to get between 140/240hp and about 325/460Nm of torque, as they have several options within their model (for the aforementioned modular feature).

As far as compatibility with gearboxes is concerned, it is possible to use them with manual models only. Which could be the return of the gearboxes that we all like (except when we are in a traffic jam), F in the comments for knee pain then hahaha.  

Now let's talk about the part that would lead us to be owners of this, the price, at the moment has not yet been revealed as this is in development, but that does not deprive them of having already made transformations of several models, on its website and Youtube channel, we can find a Ferrari 308, Fiat 124, among other models. 

Just to add, I don't say goodbye without first thanking you for reading my post, and without wishing you a good day, evening or night.

Interesting links:

Electric GT

Youtube Channel

Fuente: Mi galería de Giphy
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Electric is the future... no mater what people can do with combustion.

The torque, control and lag-absence is simply abysmal when comparing to combustion engines. The only drive factors at the moment are the cost/tech ratio (more recent more expensive), and the weight/battery ratio in terms of range. But both will be sorted with mass production and future improvements.

And, if you are on motorcycle strain, then electric is MANIAC!

Greetings @forkyw, thank you for reading and commenting, I fully agree with you.

That personally is something I like about electrics, the ability to have all the power available from the instant 0, which as you know in one of internal combustion does not happen in the same way, as to the bikes uff a wonder that will be, but that if they would make them much more dangerous.

But well only time will tell, watch out and as we will not see that competition that there is now or that has existed for a long time of who has the most powerful engine, something that will become very but very interesting, who knows new systems of supercharging, or something like that and why not better designs and performance in the time of the loads.

Of course as everything at the beginning will be expensive, but nothing that over time, its industrialization and innovations do not win.

Have a good day, evening or night. ✌️

That engine looks luxurious.

The manual gearboxes, it feels like old times.

The best is the environmental model.

Thank you for reading and commenting @yonnathang, well as everything at its inception will be expensive but over time will decrease significantly the cost, that's clear.

As for the return of the manual boxes, who does not like that feeling, simply great and why not while enjoying all this who takes the best part for the benefit of all is our environment.

Have a good day, afternoon or evening,greetings ✌️

Resteemed and upvoted @jjqf :)

Thank you very much for reading and support @project.hope, greetings. ✌️

Greetings dear friend @jjqf.

This news will please all those who have developed that feeling of attachment with their favorite vehicle and who do not accept the idea of stopping driving, let alone by the application of these new laws.

But we must be aware that the preservation of the planet is a priority for humanity. That is why electric motors will be the future of the automotive industry.

The fact that this new electric motor imitates the dimensions of the classic LS has great advantage for the updates of the classic models. Although very hard it would reach 350 HP.

What will be impossible to imitate and will cause great nostalgia for musclecars lovers, will be the roar and vibration that accompanies the thrust of a strong drag start.

All best, Piotr

My main concern atm is if it has a clutch for my left foot and a stick for my right hand. After all, I want to stay fit for my rudder pedals.