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How To Control Technology Addiction ?

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How To Control Technology Addiction ?

People watch the cell phone 150 times a day. Either call, browsing the web, post something on Facebook, or just watch the time out of pockets of habit. The number 150 is so much that it has to get scratched. For the sake of work, the mobile phone is to be used, to be used. How to balance between addiction and need? The news-based web portal 'Fast Company' has talked to five people who were once addicted to mobile phones, but they were overwhelmed by the addiction in their pockets. Here are five experiences that will be here.

Close eyes and ears
In 2012, Google Venture's former design partner Jack Naph exceeds iPhone usage. It is so much that children can not afford time. Meanwhile, it was not possible to stop using mobile phones. Then he thought he was spending more time in apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Removes apps without worrying for a second time. Six years after that step, it is still in force for myself to be tested.
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Large devices for reducing usage
Michelle Zapa, founder of Aviation Technologies, chose a different way to alert herself about her addiction. She started using iPhone instead of the iPad Mini. It has all the benefits of iPhone, just can not be called. However, due to the size of the iPhone could not be used as smoothly. Every time he picked up the iPad, he thought that wasting time. If you do not need it, stop using tabs. After leaving the tab back to the iPhone, there was a lot of awareness in use.

Make it hard to use
According to graphic designer Sarah Lawrence, the first step is to install an app like 'Moment'. This app reminds the user when the smartphone starts using more than usual. Simultaneously, how many times a phone is using the phone. Run another test on yourself. Two weeks in the normal color and the next two weeks the phone screen began to be black and white. He saw that the use of mobile phones decreased when the screen was inadequate.

Let's go to another room
Investigators named Yoni Rektmann started leaving the cell phone in another cell before accepting a therapist's suggestion. The purpose was to stay away from the phone. At first it may be for 15 minutes, then gradually raise the time to tell his therapist. Yoney said, "I have not been able to fully understand this work yet, but I'm better than ever.

Airplane mode on land
Fast Console Social Media Manager, John Converse Townsend, clears the Instagram app for a couple of weeks. At the same time, starting the airplane mode of its smartphone every night. On the request of friends, they started using Instagram again, but still do not want to turn on airplane mode every night on the phone. At least it causes sleep disruption to stop.

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