Everything You Need To Know~~When Buying a New Television

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Thousands of questions arise when you buy #TV . This is not the end of the brand. Many types of televisions have not been marketed in the market. Experts have speculated about television to protect consumers from this problem. Know these and specify the demand.

  1. Panel: The most important thing is, which type of panel TV will you buy. There are various types of panels. All are popular Take a picture about this.

When you go to the electronics store, the shopkeepers will tell you the differences between the LEDs and the LCD. But the real thing is that LED TV means LCD television, which has an LED backlighting system. Each pixel of this TV is highlighted by lighting. This is a very expensive TV for home use.

The modern LCD panels are often called LED TVs. Basically the LEDs have been added to the LCD TVs. This is the most popular TV in the current market. LCD TV promotes the quality of the picture. But its refresh rate is low. So, the quality of the picture might be slightly lower in the scene. The quality of the photo is kept on the LED TV lighting.

Many people think that the best pictures can be seen on TV. But there are some problems. This TV costs extra electricity and its images seem to have been blown away. But on average the TV is a lot of fun. The TV can stop publishing some colors itself to get the right color.

It's like Plasma TV. A TV can turn off the lights to make the perfect black look. As a result, it is better to look at the angle, refresh rate, than any other TV. One problem is the problem. Lots of prices

  1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Now understand the choice of how many inches of TV in the TV.

In fact, the TV in the room should be adjusted to match the size of the TV. But to adapt to the budget, bigger TVs can be bought as much as possible. It's great fun to see the picture. The distance between TV and the other is watching TV is a big thing. A common account is that, if you watch TV from 5 feet away, the standard screen size will be 40 inches.

Connectivity options
Try to buy a TV with at least two HDMI ports. And if you want to connect to the gaming console or computer, then see Connectivity options.

Contrast ratio
Contrast determines how bright and dark part will be. TV shows also show how bright and bright it can be. The standard quality control mode must be more than 3000: 1.

All the creators talk about confirming viborant color. The TV color is actually measured through its screen. So it requires professional calibrators. However, this machine can not go to buy TV. So watch the video on TV and feed sources show the same color. By looking at the color settings, see how much of your choice is with other TVs.

Hd ready or flower hd
HD Ready provides 1280x720 pixels. Again, full HD gives 1920x1080 pixels. If there is a lot of difference between these two, then you can take the HD Ready.

  1. Features that are not required: brands are offering features that are not really needed. These features are nothing more than the price increase of the TV. Please see some such features.

4 K
This is meant by special resolutions. It basically provides four times the resolution of Full HD TV. However, the picture of this TV can be understood if its screen is more than 55 inches.

Although the TV is quite enjoyable, it does not always look good at all. Without it, additional equipment is needed to see 3D images.
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Smart tv
Tv has been made smart by a number of features. Wi-Fi streaming and network playback etc. are given. These are actually additional features.

Curved screen
This screen is the latest trend. But the flat screen is always good. But the manufacturers are trying to propagate curved screens better.

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Waiting until OLED TV prices fall some more as this is the best TV technology.

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The information you gave is really valuable.We hear about it but didn't know much.Please tell which t.v. type is good as every tv has some drawback? @jahid1234


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My best advice for buying a new TV?
TV is terrible for your physical and mental health.
That is all.


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I never knew LED are LCD with LED backlight, what i used in differentiating most time is tgeir sizes and power consumption since LCD condumes more energy.