The Dangers of Amazon's Global Domination

in technology •  3 months ago

Large corporations have dominated American industries for the past two centuries. Oil, railway, and tech monopolies continue on today the tradition of collaboration then ruling over entire industries. At the same time, they openly prevent free market commerce to happen and even innovation in many situations. Once the Internet formed resistance to this built up and eventually boiled over into different movements against the corporate domination of technology.


Open source collaborative sharing enables companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations the ability to work together. Evolving the code bases in many areas of computing well beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Amazon is one example of a service that started with providing an easy way to purchase books online. It's turned into a practice that manipulates governments to put market pressure against different competitors.

Amazon started it's journey in 1994 as a tiny dotcom startup out of Seattle Washington. After many years of operation Amazon found different efficiencies and kept up experimentation and trying different things to improve their business model. While at the same time continuing to serve consumers they also secured funding without ever needing to turn a profit. Something that has not proven to be sustainable in other business sectors.

But inside the cryptocurrency economy lies a sleeping giant. A seamless e-commerce model able to sustain itself within peer-to-peer networks. Already many services exist inside the Steem blockchain to auction digital and physical goods. YouTubers covering crypto often claim amazon will join the party and adopt coins like Litecoin or bitcoin. I'm not so sure of this. Amazon proves to enjoy flush amounts of printed fiat that crypto currency could also disrupt the use of.

Peer-to-peer exchange systems could help to dissolve portions of Amazon's current business model. The main possible disruption being models used for the distribution and hosting files. As Amazon's web services provides hosting for governments and consumers and it also remains the leader in Amazon revenues.

Many even consider Amazon as being a parasite on humanity at this point because of its government connections. Sucking everyone dry while boosting one man, Jeff Bezos into a wealth class never before witnesses in Earth's time. Is this centralization of wealth an accident? Of course not. Jeff Bezos is well-connected into the defense industry. As Amazon's largest customer is the United States government.

One must ask, is this the future we want to live in? As Amazon grows and moves into different markets, the company could destroy most of our traditional brick and motor businesses. Leaving many without any options as the large corporations would have already wiped out most of the small mom and pop businesses.

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My life is wholly dominated by google products...
May be I even get surveillance by it...

Big companies becoming rich day by day.
gap b/w rich and poor people is increasing this is very disasterous situation.
What you think ?


I agree. The middle class shrinking is very concerning to me.

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Alibaba is a direct competitor.

interesting look at Amazon. I still remember the early days of Amazon, haha, crazy how big it has gotten. I heard about them going to start using drones to deliver packages....crazy...and a bit creepy. haha


Most definitely. They also patented scripts to scrape bitcoin's blockchain. That's also creepy. You can find more information over at vice (not saying you should trust vice at ALL).


very interesting indeed. haha It's a Global conspiracy! lol Amazon is taking over. They bought Whole Foods and are now in the food market! What next? haha

This is a new reality my friend... good news for all conmunity.

Corporations are not the destroyer of “mom and pop” business, at least not directly used to be. Society has changed it self has changed. Industrial revolution really was the first corporations. As small community’s collapsed and cities grew so did the potential for lager entities to prey upon greed. A small community with families all working together and trading wears would essentially be self sustainable, infact aside from wars, mankind has sustained themselves this way for a long time. But industrial revolution changed the fabric of how we lived. Cities became huge, wealth made individuals powerful what once was only achieved by political systems. For the first time in history you could just move to a city and work as an individual and support your self. Do this on a massive scale and you have what we have today. A society of individuals drunk on greed to get an ever greater profit. The Industrial Age never stopped it just changed forms where as most affluent nations developed greater technology and became and industry of information leaving the physical industry (building stuff) to less wealthy countries. There’s always been global trade, nows there more of it. Yes corporations are more powerful than ever bit they are only as powerful as what we buy. People are more self centered now than other which feeds power to corporations. The more humans want and greed for wealth the more there will be some group or individual willing to sell it. Can it be fixed? Only when people stop their selfish ways. Will it ever stop? Actually it will because selfish ways are toxic and will eventually implode.