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Hey guys, lately one of our community members made the suggestion to add a feature with which you can control the amount of voting power which should always be left in your account.
I just finished the implementation of this useful feature and hope you enjoy it.

A quick overview about how it works:

  1. You have this new slider in you dashboard, where you can define a percentage between 10% and 90%

  2. With the "Update" Button beside the percentage field, you can set the new value.

  3. In case your Voting Power gets below your desired percentage, will stop using your account for upvoting content, until your voting power has recovered.


The default value is set to 30% - you can change it anytime you want.

10% means your account is used as often as possible - earns you more credits, but lowers your voting power.

90% means you account is used less often - earn you less credits but keeps your voting power as high as possible.

Thanks to @apoloo2 for this cool idea!

If any of you has another idea to improve the platform just write comments under one of my posts and I'll try my best to implement your ideas :)


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