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Hey guys. More and more of you said it would be great to have some more insights on who gets your upvotes, how much your upvotes are worth and in general more platform statistics.
So yesterday I made some changes on the backend and added the frontend page today.
Sadly stats can only be provided for Upvotes / Posts since yesterday (because that was when the backend changes were made). Nevertheless I think it's going to be a major improvement on the usability of the platform.
On top there are some stats about like total voting power, users, etc...
On the left side of the stats page you see what posts YOU upvoted (and how much credits you received for it), while on the right side you see the posts you submitted to RECEIVE upvotes.
When you click on the post id, you'll see who upvoted that specific post and how much the upvote was worth.
There are some more stats provided, but I guess most of them are self explaining.
I really hope you enjoy the update. And as always - if you have more ideas to improve feel free to comment :)


Some of my steem power is not showing.
1,400.670 STEEM
(+1,393.897 STEEM)

Your Steem: 154.777
Your Steem Dollars: 0.253
Your Steem Power: 1400.67

Will have a look at this
Edit: Fixed it

Now I can't login with my Private posting key

Wrong username or key

I think I found a bug in the login workflow. Could you please try it again now tell me if it worked? And please make sure you're really using your private posting key.

Thanks now it is working.

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