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Owlet, device to control the future baby during pregnancy

The project I will present today is one of the winners of CES 2019, motivated to generate more confidence and calm those anxious parents who are waiting for a baby. How can we not get excited for a baby, which is a new life to the world? That's why this anguish can be minimized with an invention that has made a difference, Owlet is a device that will track the fetal heartbeat through an electrocardiogram. Come with me to learn more about this incredible application.


Owlet is a band that can be placed in the abdomen of a pregnant woman just before going to sleep and thus get data the next day on the fetal status, some data that can provide the device is the number of Latinos per minute of the fetus detailing if something is wrong, as it has a standard heartbeat that normally should have a fetus, also helps you correct the position when sleeping so the fetus will remain protected.


Owlet is designed to be used right from the fourth month of pregnancy, send a morning report through an application installed on the Smartphone, the band is accompanied by a design that includes an owl, and does not represent at any time discomfort for the baby or mother.


Although pregnant women have a regime of periodic visits to the doctor, the band serves as an extra informant, for no reason should stop going to the doctor and rely fully on the band, although there is no margin of error in the band, because what it does is to monitor through an electrocardiogram the fetal heartbeat.

This invention won two of the CES 2019 awards in the categories of technology to change the world and the technology you wear.


The band has a series of special sensors within the same band, not only is capable of tracking the fetal heartbeat, it can also count the number of kicks and identifies uterine contractions, data that are sent to the application of the smart phone, all this thanks to passive ECG technology, and in the comfort of a band that will hardly feel pregnant.


You will be able to record the beats of the heart to listen to them when you want, even to share it with friends, really it is very satisfactory to be able to listen to the beats and not to have to wait to go to another medical consultation.


The launch of this device will be in mid 2019, not long to revolutionize the lives of those pregnant women, and estimate that it will cost $300, the newest thing is that they have turned a technology into a band, if we count that the ultrasound device is a large device, to move to have a band of a super thin fabric is one of the best features that can be found to this device.


To think that less than 100 years ago the first electrocardiogram machine was invented and years later the ultrasound machine, we can still see this type of bulky devices in most medical offices, now almost destined to disappear, if the technology of this band has a positive impact, the most likely is that the doctors will trust the data provided, so it will be a real evolution of medicine, moreover it is not the only device of the company also previously launched intelligent baby socks which monitor the breathing of the baby, in addition to one of the most powerful and economical monitors on the market.


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