The Best MacBook Pro Case Money Can Buy in 2017 [Product Review]

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Macbooks are expensive and you certainly don't want to go cheap when you are looking for protective cases for your device. As I considered buying a MacBook Pro, the first thing I did was look for the best case I could find on the market that'll ensure the Mac survives in case of a fall.

Now in my years of owning a laptop I've only ever dropped them twice. This happened when it was inside a backpack on my motorcycle and both these times, there wasn't a scratch on it when the backpacks slipped off accidentally while loading the motorcycle on a tour. These two instances occurred over a span of 8 years.

Urban Armor Gear MacBook Pro Case

I own a 4th Gen MacBook Pro 13" w/Touchbar and after a few days of researching the best cases, I felt that the case from Urban Armor Gear met all my needs. If you are new to this brand, then i'd like to inform you that they produce some of the most most rugged, lightweight, cases for a variety of electronic devices which drop tested to US Military specifications.

Urban Armor Gear Mac Book Pro 13" 2016 Case Front


The case is made of plastic, the translucent portion of the case is slightly flexible while the edges are hard. There’s tactile rubber in certain areas for grip. It has cooling vents to allow uncompromised air flow and heat dissipation.

Instruction Manual

The instructions to fit it on the MacBook Pro are straightforward. It takes less than 2 minutes to put your Mac into the case. Once it’s on the Mac, it feels super and looks great in my opinion. I would have loved a Blue case or another brighter color perhaps.


Looks great when you hold it up. It's quite translucent and light weight!

It has been manufactured to meet the MIL-SPEC 810G-616.6 drop test standards. UAG’s patented design uses a hard outer shell with soft impact impact resistant bumpers that protects your MacBook Pro in case of any drops or shock. It's not the prettiest case you can buy but i'll protect your investment for sure!

Case thickness compared to a 2016 MacBook Pro 13"

The thickness of the case is sufficient to protect it from any dents or dings resulting from day to day handling of your device. This is important especially in an office setting where you are likely to move around with your device and accidentally bump into objects or people. This offers ample protection and then some for such situations.

2016 MacBook Pro 13" w/UAG case. As you can see it's not very thick!

The rubberised skid pads at the bottom of the case provides protection from scratches and abrasions while ensuring it has an excellent grip when you place it on a table. It elevates the Mac slightly but not too much. It is ample enough to allow sufficient airflow. The case may appear bulkier than it is in the images but it doesn't add too much thickness to the MacBook Pro making it easy to carry in your backpack or in your hand.

The case open before the MBP was fitted in

First look after fitment!

Case underside w/MacBook Pro fitted into the case

It is a unique 1 piece design with dual lock screen closure. While it ensures greater protection in case of a fall where the chances of the screen opening are nil, it feels a little cumbersome if you have to open it in a hurry. You have to simply push it upwards from the edges and then pull up the screen from the center to open the Mac. I don't mind this little extra step. The non-slip tactile grip is excellent and it feels rugged and something that’ll easily absorb the impact in case of a minor fall.


I’m generally extra careful about my laptops and handle them with care. But, I didn't want to take any chances with the Mac as they are bloody expensive to own and repair so I took the easier way of buying a case.

The case will work fine even with a skin on your MacBook Pro as long as it isn't too thick. All ports are accessible with the case closed and it doesn’t hamper your user experience. It offers a snug fit and excellent protection that is likely to hold up in case of an accidental drop. If you have a $2400+ Mac then you shouldn't skimp on protective case that costs approx $80 and it gets cheaper for the older version of MacBook Pro.

You can purchase it from Amazon as I did mine. Be sure to check the specs to ensure it matches your version of Mac. They have separate units that fit 2015 and 2016.

All things considered, it is a value for money product and undoubtedly one of the best cases you can purchase for protecting your valuable MacBook Pro!

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Wow, looks very industrial ! Great Job!

Yep! It feels the same! Power packed with some @firepower! :D

I work construction and I have that same case for my laptop when I bring it to jobsites.....It is a beast and great buy.

Woah! That's great! Good to be on the same boat! :)

Well done post

Thanks man! But why are you spamming everywhere?

Okay! You changed it now.


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That looks so badass! @sjennon could benefit from this, she's been looking for one as well.

For sure! I told her as well but she thinks its huge even as its not! :D

It still looks giant! Hehe.

Funny to see our Whatsapp pictures appearing on Steemit every now and then!

It's not giant! :D

It looks very futuristic. And I think they need to make another one for girls, LOL. I wouldn't want my beautiful Macbook to look like something from Startrek (nothing against Startrek...), but I can see how this might be appealing to a large target group who is not me ;)

Haha! I am sure you can find one somewhere out there for you!

Maaannnn, that case looks pretty sick and slick.(ง^ᗜ^)ง

UAG really offers undoubtedly the best protective cases, whether in macbooks or iphones, and also looks great. Awesome review @firepower. Keep it up!!!:D

It sure is! :)


Thanks for the review. This looks so sweeeeet !

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

That thing looks sick! You aint doing no damage with that!

Na-ah! No damage at all!

you really take care of your product. I also had an old latop for almost 8 years and recently get a macbook. the cover look so cool and super secure. but a little ugly for my liking. hehe..

Macs are the best :)

but sometimes they are super frustrating , for eg I can't store photos to my old hard disk, I can only copy from there to mac, and need to get new hard disk.

Ah, wow, I forgot about that. In the beginning I used to use Tuxera NTFS on my Mac so I cold write to Windows formatted drives (could be an option for you). Now I've formatted all my external drives in a Mac format and don't ever worry with Tuxera anymore :)

thanks for the info, I will check that out. I am still using windows at work so it might come in handy.

You are absolutely right! I wish it looked prettier but I like products that are usually function over form. I'm fine if they dont look good but its important that this performs to expectations. If you find a good cool case for a Mac lemme know! :)

omg, I recently drop my mac from my bed, heart broken, although it works still find, they was a dent. I shall look into buying a proper cover. sure it might be girly one though.:P

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