I Bought a MacBook Pro 13-inch w/Touch Bar From Blogging On Steemit! Thank You Steemit Community For This Gift!

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I bought a new MacBook Pro 13" w/Touch bar few days ago. It's an incredible piece of hardware and I've been using it a little every day as I make a transition over from Windows 7 to iOS. My full-time participation on Steemit has allowed me to add value to the network and in return the network has helped improve my life so much!

It's so incredible to think that I can earn an income and use it to elevate my life to the next level by simply participating on a blockchain powered social media platform such as Steemit. Our community here decides what is best for it and I'm glad to see the incredible support on my work. It feels like all of you came together to give me this wonderful gift! Thank You!

Unboxing and I can't stop smiling!

I wrote about how I worked hard over the past year with a low-cost Windows based laptop, and I've been in need of an upgrade for a long time. I'm starting on some exciting new projects and felt I could do more if I had a better hardware to support my needs.

After discussions with my friend @droidsid it seemed like a good idea to invest in a MacBook Pro and the 13" seemed perfect for my needs. We went to the store and tested out the 2016 gen MacBook Pros. They were all great, since I have an issue with my hand, I opted for the Touch Bar version which does some interesting things and can reduce inputs from my right hand, which was something I was considering.

The price difference was approximatel $250 for Non-Touch Bar vs Touch Bar, with the latter having better specifications including the larger storage capacity, better graphics and processor in addition to the touch bar and fingerprint sensor.

Overall it was a great experience to be able to buy something so expensive in comparison to my $300 laptop but the lightweight and compact nature of it makes it easier to travel with. It also offers better security compared to malware-friendly Windows OS and is blazingly fast!

I can smell some Steem on my Mac! Whoop Whoop!

I can't say I'm a iOS convert just yet as I'm still discovering the nuances of the iOS which is something totally new to me. I never though of making this shift if not for a new project that needed an iOS and I felt overall it made a good business decision as well.

Can you see my happy face? haha!

Steemit has been an incredible gift in my life and I'm glad to have your kind support and encouragement on my posts. This is how I've managed to get so far and I hope you will continue to support my work on Steemit.

I'm a happy Apple user now, and I love free stickers!

I'll write a short review and comparison between the 2016 vs 2017 version soon enough! Stay tuned!

Thank you for your attention and feedback on my posts!

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This is so great to hear you could earn enough on STEEMIT to pay for the new hardware you needed to provide even better content.
I've been going back and forth between Mac's and Pc's for some time. presently I have PC's. I wont be going to a Mac for awhile.

I think you made a great choice if you didnt have a bunch of PC software like I do.

Congratulations on the new toy!
It looks like a great investment.

wow! that's great. I'll very much like if you can mentor me on how to earn more on this platform.Thanks in anticipation of a favorable response

Once you go Mac you never go back!

I'm on the same machine 😉, not utilizing the smiley 😆 touch bar yet I see 😭😎😱😈🐘

HAHAHAHA I am on my way to get one as well, just some hard work and patience.
then I will post i here too.

Its a good buy , I do recommend.

13' not to small for programming or steemin'?

Oh I just meant the same type 😉 I might as well share my specs

MacBook Pro (15-inch)
2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB / Intel HD Graphics 530
1 TB Flash Storage

oh wow man that's awesome! I would have loved to get the 15 but it was too heavy for me to lug around but it was really cool!

The Mac is great but there are some downfalls its not really convenient especially when it come to file transfers between devices that are not apple

I'm a desktop support analyst by profession and those are very impressive specs!

so true. wife was a huge windows fan and had zero interest when I was trying to convert her over to mac. She finally decided to roll with it and now she LOVES it. She won't go back to windows, hates it lol.

Hate is a strong word... but I agree haha

Until you get a surface book pro. Then you'll never go back to a mac.

Congrats on using steemit to reach your potential. my twin sis got a mac. I'm a surface pro user. we switch depending on the tech needs or steemit ;]

I wanted to get a surface pro but they are way too overpriced in India @cybercodetwins

okay. Enjoy your awesome mac!

Agreed , I do of course have a pc and linux servers , all depends. Love my Mac tho

@blueorgy haha nice! :D

Well I spent a while at the store trying them out! Without my splint on my right hand (without which I cannot work my fingers), the touch bar allows me some functionalities that i'd use a mouse for. So it worked out great, also here the touch version comes with better processor, gfx and hdd space.

Well you can check out my specs above, overall I like the Mac Book a lot.

It's starting to grow on me for sure!

Loving your posts my friend. You might want to check out my post today from a Blockchain friend travelling in India, holding up a main newspaper, with a HUGE title on the front page discussing Crypto Currency, it is huge news!

Have a good weekend.

@barrydutton will do for sure thanks :D

That Mac Book Pro touch bar is ahead of it's time. I bet you'll put a link to Steemit on it to. It's exciting to think you earned enough to buy such an awesome PC on Steemit. Great work, keep it up.

Well, this post, was well worth the increased vote power I have left LOL!

Good stuff -- keep up your good work here, this is practical - every day use stuff people can be inspired by.

Whoa! Thanks for stopping by. I mostly write from life experiences and this was special haha! :D

Stay awesome.

It should be pretty easy for you.

You do great work, and I have quietly appreciated you like a few others for quite awhile now.

I had help coming up here, learning my way, and despite my challenges ( I was run over by a car 18 mths ago and my very public activism, seemingly over the years) -- has the corrupt state burying my file and trying to ruin me.

I will continue to help those when I can and when I see your hard work, it is admirable my friend.

I hope you have a good Sunday!

@barrydutton! It's great to hear this and I had no idea. Thank you for sharing man. It's admirable to see people live their lives despite challenges! Thanks again for telling me this!

You are welcome.


Oh and -- If you have a JAXX wallet or thinking of it, or know people with one etc -- you will want to check the post up on my page just now. It is pretty huge news and there is nobody talking about this considering the market share they have and names involved....

Talk to you soon, it is nice hearing from you anytime!!!

i'm happy for you. i have this older mac. it's all about the operating system's with mac...

yep! Thank you! :D

Congrats my man! Nice job!

thank you! :)

Good for you! It sure makes a huge difference when you have the right tools to help you do your job. You definitely bring value to this community and I really enjoy following your posts! I also think it's cool that I live in Canada but that I can follow someone & chat with them when they live in India. Really neat for me.

Steem is really magical. I've only been here 20 or so days so far....so just starting out, but I'm loving it and seeing progress being made every day. You're one of the people that I look up to here on steemit and aim to emulate a bit as I'd love to get to where you are in a year's time or so. I have a full-time job so can only dedicate so much time to steemit, but I plan to write a lot more as I love writing and steemit really motivates me to get back into this again.

Anyways, steem on (from your new, awesome laptop) and keep the adventure rolling!

Wow Jen! It's great to see your comment here. I'm glad you took the time to write to me. It's indeed great that we can communicate in depth using this platform with each other and with strangers from across the world without feeling like we have a barrier to our communication as one feels contacting a stranger sometimes on Facebook or other old social media.

Steemit is incredible. The blockchain has immense potential. Even I worked a full time job once before moving on to becoming a solopreneur over the past few years. Looking forward to your posts and good luck to you.

Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate your presence on my blog! :)

I was never so much an Apple fan. Used more than 15 years Windows based PCs, Laptops, PDAs and Smartphones. Until I got an iPhone as a bonus from my employer at the time. Next thing I did when I left my last employer and started as a freelancer, I bought an Apple laptop. Why? I wanted to have all integrated, phone, laptop and tablet (roadmap) with a solid OS on laptop. Android doesn't have that, and Windows, well, I didnt want to swicth my smartphone to a windows one. Although I still dont like Apples walled garden, I'm very pleased about having the MacBook Pro of Apple. It feels good, and once you learn the OS, it may even work better than a windows based laptop. I wish you all the success learning OSX. It is different, and needs some adjustments. Enjoy!

It certainly helps if you have multiple devices of the same OS. Better integration and synced up work I guess. thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

I strive towards this becoming my story as well. Good job, firepower!

Thank you! :)

You can not go wrong with a Mac...Nice purchase mate, and even better that steemit helped pay for that bad boy!

Thanks! Well I'm blogging full-time on Steemit and I'm glad it is sustainable for now.

Congratulations @firepower! That is a great gift to celebrate the value you are adding to the community.

You have certainly earned it. Looking forward to some reviews of the 2016, and 2017 models - I am looking at a Mac as well.

Thank you so very much! You should definitely go for one!

Wish you all the luck brother@firepower. I wish you all the success. And you deserve this success. I have read your blog post where you described your life hardships. You have done a marvelous job so far.
Love your work by the way. Following your footsteps. Hats off to you and A big congrats to you for new MacBook pro.

Thanks dude! It's great to see you on my blogs regularly! :)

Yeah. I am your hardcore fan. I am not gonna leave you now :) I have a lot to learn from you . I work very hard but not as much as you did in your past. Love you brother. Have fun and be happy.

... too much love bro haha. relax relax.. lol.. thanks for all the support. cheers.

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