Why do Android updates take so long to get to your device? is it Google!

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Android system is the most popular system in the world of smart phones today, because of the large number of companies producing smart phones operating this system, and although it is the system that controls the largest share in the market operating systems phones and helicopters, but the problems do not end, the most controversial is the problem Updates are always and always a source of headache for Google's system developer, and for handset manufacturers, especially since many users of the system have moved from the Android system to the most powerful and stable iOS system because of continuous and constant updates.
Some statistics show that about 15 percent of Android users are still stuck in the Kit Kat version released in 2013, while the Nougat version is only about 15 percent of the devices, and the relatively new Android Oreo is almost nonexistent.
But if we look at iOS, which is second in the operating system market, iOS11, released in September 2017, works on more than 85% of iPhone phones. In the first week of its release, it was running on 25% of phones and tablets Camel. So why does this happen? Why do not Google take enough steps to deliver Android updates to all devices, which are certainly capable of doing so, and have the resources to solve this problem? Certainly there are a lot of reasons behind the dilemma of updates. We will try to take a look at this report.

First, when Google releases a new version of the Android system, it tests the version to ensure its efficiency, and removes the errors and gaps, and then send the source code first to the manufacturers, where they try the operating system on their chips, They are compatible to users by region, country, and device quality, and sometimes these companies do not send updates if your phone is negatively affected by the update.

In order to make new updates compatible with each set of chips, the chip makers involved share their codes with different manufacturers, and as a result, this move takes months for chip makers The integration of the new update with the different variables of the processor, which is the opposite of what is happening in Apple, where all the devices carry the chips of the company, and thus take less time to send updates against the manufacturers of Android devices.

An important factor that delays the arrival of updates for Android users is the stage of OEMs, the stage where companies add their identity to the source code of the system such as: user interface, and their own applications, which distinguish them from other companies such as: Samsung TouchWiz, Xiaomi MIUI, HTC Sense and others. This phase is added to certain properties and features to make them more distinct.
In addition to the resources of the hardware itself, it is known that the average upgrade cycle of the Android system is a time-consuming process, but resources play a large role in rapid future updates, where companies have: Samsung has large resources to enable the launch of updates relatively faster than other companies.

In addition to the above, there is a reason for the delay of updates almost negligible, which is the schedule of updates, it is known that Apple launches updates in the final stage after the completion of all tests, but Google launches updates in its initial phase when you actually start testing the original source code . Therefore, Android developers get previews in March each year, while the final release is released in August.

What is Project Treble? Google’s master plan to speed up Android updates

Although Google launched last year Project Treble, which ensures the arrival of updates to users by providing a raw system containing all the definitions of segments, which makes it easier for companies to provide updates quickly to their devices, but the problem has not resolved as hoped by Google, The only exception is the pixel devices that Google manufactures itself, and provides their updates very quickly. Although Google is the basic developer of the Android system, and tried a lot over the previous years to solve the problem of updates, but the delay of these updates causes many We mentioned most of them above, and they mostly relate to manufacturers rather than to Google itself.


wow very important news..thanks for share..

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