When it comes to programming ... the solution lies in what you see as wasting time!

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The first rule that you should follow when you start learning programming before you learn any language, or another principle is to have a lot of patience, when you ask a professional programmer how he arrived at what it is certainly will tell you the length of mind, and a lot of training!
But most of the time we overlook the basic rules, and some of the degree of vanity make him think he knows the solutions to all the problems of programming, but in programming there is nothing called "know everything!", Every day there is an update, and every day there is a new algorithm, and all A new challenge day in front of you dear programmer, and will not help you overcome only the original code that you must return yourself to it!
Basic rules are not a waste of time
No matter what language you learn, the pseudocode or pseudocode, which is a short way or an informal method of describing the program, will certainly pass through you, without entering into complicated terms ... The fake code is a draft you make for your question or program, describing what it contains and what it does In a very simplified way; to help you understand the program requirements.
When you are at an advanced stage of learning or practicing programming, you will gradually move away from the rules that you are supposed to have learned to stick to your brain to make it easier for you to work! And you will consider it a waste of time even, and when you put any issue in front of you, if you face something is unable to go to Google and continue to search for a solution ... So this is my work I do not deny, but there is nothing but a little self-reliance!

In fact, I had a lot of difficulties in reading and understanding the programs that are required to get out, and this problem has reached the point of absurdity made me feel somewhat desperate to stay away from programming of all kinds !! But to go back and think about the origin of the problem is not impatience, and I think it is possible to know what the program wants from just looking ... I thought and disappointed 🙂
Dependability is a big problem no matter what you want to learn, knowing that the solution at hand makes you put your brain in the power saver mode ... By God the solution is a click away, is not it?
Try to give up a bit about Google or the wonderful friend that loves our hearts Stack overflow, and try to solve an issue by relying on yourself only ... The first step that you will turn to paper and pencil will begin drawing flow charts, and a little code on the side will try to divide your program in an easy to understand.
That's what we want to reach ... Sudoku is a lifestyle code more than just an aid, it's good to go back to work to see the whole picture clearly.
As I said the solution is one click away, but when you turn to Google every time you here hurt yourself more! It's good to get the job done, but more importantly to learn ... to learn to think as a programmer, and to have an idea of ​​a solution when you have a similar problem in the future!
But resorting to Google faster is not it? The answer is true within a short time span, but in the long run it will come to the stage of looking for the same problem over and over again ... This is not practical or effective!

Test your results!


Each time you come to solve the code test, here you can resort to the developer tools in browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.
Through the Console.log tool, for example, you can test each stage, know each error or exception, try to solve the problem yourself, and do not forget to take the solutions aside.
These tools do not care about your feelings and do not lie to you, pointing to the error and screaming in your face to fix it, and this is exactly what you want as a programmer, to know the mistakes and to understand well, and to keep solutions in your memory to be called when needed in the future.
I've finished coding, count back, and try to improve your business!
The task does not end when the last line of code is written free of errors ... Well, I've finished the task Thank you, but are you sure that your approach is the best? Is there another algorithm that can make my program perform better?
Even if you do not want to make a real adjustment, it is not harmful to think ... Create a problem for every solution! Do not joke, and try to think two steps further than your program, have you addressed all the possibilities that can appear in the program? The code is deceptive, and can surprise you even if you think you're done!

Be the merrier…


You will not have all the things you always imagined, you will face many obstacles that will make the task seem impossible ... The number of exceptions and errors that I found during the exam will not be erased from my memory!
But it is good to have a sense of humor to help you overcome stress, talking to yourself and writing scribbles of codes on the sidelines of the paper can really help you to come up with the right solution!

And when the code does not obey you ... Say goodbye to him, and start over! But this time do it slowly 🙂


can you suggest material and website for learning coding as a beginner?

It depends on What do you want to learn, PHP or java for apps Etc.
any how youtube is my university

Great advise. We developers often tend to imitate working code samples just to get out a working product. This may be fine for prototyping, but for real-world products, one has to write his own code and find his own style.

I like the tip of talking to oneself very much, because I do perform this on a regular base when I am trying to solve complex problems. Talking to myself helps me to stay focused on the problem, and also my two colleagues at work do this because of the same reason. Others in the same room may be annoyed, but in the end, the result of your work is what counts - any discussions have to wait until the problem is solved.

Thanks @micc for your nice comment, and would be more than happy to follow you.
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