A Look At 3D Printed Houses Around The World

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3D printing is becoming more prevalent today, with a variety of industries that are increasingly looking to adopt this technology to improve their business success. And one of the exciting areas that we've seen 3D printing technology make growing improvement is within the construction industry; it's increasingly being used to print homes around the world.

One company in China, WinSun, has been able to print at least 10 full-sized detached homes in just one day using a giant 3D printer.

The average cost for each of the homes that they built was estimated to be about $5,000.

There is also an entire 3D-printed apartment building that's been constructed by that same company (see the image below), and that building is said to be the world's first of its kind. The 3D-printing method that's used to make these buildings is said to help reduce construction waste by as much as 60 percent. It also helps to speed up production time by as much as 70 percent and reduce labor costs significantly as well.

For the entire 5 storey building that they constructed, it was estimated to cost around $161k.

They don't want to stop at only construction small homes and apartment buildings either. We might some day see them using 3D-printing technology to create much larger buildings, perhaps bridges, and more.

3D-printed housing has also made its way to Europe, with engineering firms moving to construct 3D housing projects, one specifically that was built and later unveiled in Milan. That design is able to have an entire house printed in just 48 hours (see image below).

Even some non-profit organizations have been looking to utilize this technology to bring housing options to the less fortunate in various places around the world, such as El Salvador.

3D printing might play a critical role in helping to solve some of the affordable housing demand that many areas are struggling with.

A 3D-printed housing community is also expected to soon be built in the Netherlands. Those homes are going to be built over the next several years, referred to as Project Milestone, and those buildings will be 2 bedroom homes that will be placed in Eindhoven when they're completed.

The organization behind the project is a Dutch construction company that's collaborating with a local university there to see the project fully completed.

In the future, it might become even easier for people to be able to design their own homes and then be able to print them out after they've come up with their unique design. The 3D-printing process, engineers suggest, might enable the homes to be more personalized because of the creative building process.

Not only that but it can also reduce waste, production time, and cost. Construction companies worldwide are looking at 3D printing as a viable business solution to constructing cheaper homes in a shorter amount of time and hopefully that will result in a great deal of new and affordable housing options coming to the market, to alleviate some of the pressure from the current housing crisis that many face.

ICON via theVerge
via CNN -cnn.com/style/article/milan-design-week-2018-highlights/index.html


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Great post @doitvoluntarily ! we definitely struggle with affordable housing where I live herein the Okanagan B.C Canada! with triple the homeless as last year and 0 vacancy available which is another reason the rents are so high! this technology would be bennificial and much more economical, as they keep building all over town here but most can not afford these new places! Upped earlier and now resteemed, its a great share!✌👍😊
Home Sweet Home! lol!😂

In the future, it might become even easier for people to be able to design their own homes and then be able to print them out after they've come up with their unique design

Exactly, we will surely see a lot of creative people doing just that.

My only doubt is if the current technology allows for this houses to last decades as normal houses?

Because if they can last the same, then this is clearly the future of construction.

These are great.
Thanks for the share.
Awesome progress! Cheers to it.

I hope to see such development in my country, if possible but..... This is the definition of beauty

It's the symbol of development. I like it

Casas en 3D increible como la tecnologia ha avanzado en estos ultimos años @doitvoluntarily

I like that little home in your main picture. Small. enough to retire in :)

Very nice picture

This is a great post. The thinking of the current people is now much higher and better. Thanks for sharing this post boss @doitvoluntarily

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thats pretty cool thx for sharing..........
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I take it, they're not using ink...???